Monthly favourites – January

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Sorry for being a little late (well quite a lot actually) on uploading my monthly favourites. It’s been a busy few weeks so my apologies, but it’s finally up so that’s the point right?

Anyway, I absolutely loved doing my monthly favourites last year, and they went down pretty well. So I’m back again with another year of my monthly favourites!

Book: Atomic Habits

I did a review on this book not too long ago, so if you haven’t already, then go give that a read! This book was one that really struck a cord for me and in all honesty, that doesn’t happen all that often. I genuinely could not get enough of this book and would spend an awful lot of time reading it (especially first thing in the morning). It just resonated with me on another level that most self help books haven’t. I absolutely love it, and will be reading it again very soon.

Netflix: Bridgerton

If you haven’t watched Bridgerton yet.. where have you been?? This is hands down one of the best series’ I’ve watched in a very long time. In fact, I’ve already re watched it for the second time. I tend not to spend too much time watching TV these days, just because I feel better when I’m up and about getting things done, but this was one program that glued me to my sofa, I binged watched the whole thing in a matter of days!

Lots of snow days

Here in the UK, we don’t tend to get too many snow days. So when we get them.. we get them good. Although the snow does tend to cause quite a few problems as far as transport is concerned, I’ve actually really enjoyed them. In fact, it’s snowing right now, not too heavy but just enough for a light covering. I like snow days, it means I can stay indoors, put on my comfies and watch it make everything outside look 10 times prettier.

Legend planner

I’ve also done a review on this too but what did I ever do before this planner? For me personally, it’s been a life changer. It is exactly what I needed to help get my life in order. I thrive off organization and lists (lists are life), so this is those but all in one place. No more random pieces of paper floating around my room. I got mine from Amazon, so definitely check them out!


After Christmas I definitely struggled with my routine. I think the rush of Christmas this year well and truly wore me out. But I have managed to slightly start getting there again. There’s no pressure from anyone else other than myself, so technically it doesn’t even matter, but I do love my routine, so the sooner I get back into the full swing of it the better. I have changed it up slightly this year, but maybe I’ll do a post on that soon.

Home comforts

As much as I would like to sit here and talk about all the new clothes I bought for my upcoming girls nights, date nights, pending holidays.. we all know that is not the truth. So, in order to curb my ‘treat yourself’ problem, I bought myself a new dressing gown.. which I am currently wearing whilst sat writing this post. Ooo it’s extremely warm and cosy and I’m obsessed! I bought it from Asos and it’s the best £24 I’ve spent in a LONG time!


I wasn’t sure whether to include this one, but I figured with it being such a huge part in all of our lives I thought it best. Here in the UK the vaccination program is going very well! Although I’m not entirely sure when I will receive mine, it gives me hope. Hope that some day soon our lives can go back to normal. I can see my family and friends, hug all my loved ones so tightly, enjoy some freedom, get my social life back, really throw myself into my business and who knows, maybe even book myself a holiday or two!

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