Book review – Atomic Habits

I read this book in just over a week… I’m a relatively fast reader, but I’m even faster when I love a book! So this was the case with this book. Honestly, I couldn’t put it down.. I had to finish it!

This book is one of those I’ve seen around for a while now, I’ve seen recommendations from other book lovers and it has popped up on near enough all the ‘best self help books’ blog posts. So obviously, I had to give it a try. I was bought this book for Christmas last year (my family know me so well). I believe it was from Amazon.

This was my first self help read of the year, and a blooming good one at that! I’m glad I chose this book as my first read of the year, but it will most definitely be a staple in my collection. It definitely isn’t one of those books you read once, think ‘oh that’s good’, put away and never pick up again. This book is going straight with my other regular reads.

I was hooked from the very first page, just something about the way he writes caught my attention. How simple the techniques were to use in daily life and how relatable the reader was. First thing in the morning, I would sit with my cup of coffee and pick up this book. I usually like to read for half an hour or so, but I could never seem to put this book down. I already cannot wait to give it another read.

There are habits in here I didn’t even know about (I guess that’s the point of the book), but as far as self help books go, I thought I’d got the gist of them. But this book is from a different angle, a ‘habits’ angle.. an angle I very much needed to be aware of. It brought certain habits that I do myself to my attention, the ones I need to work on. I’ve already started using them in my day to day life.

I can 100% understand why this book is an international best seller, so if you haven’t already.. give it a read! I highly recommend it!

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