The ‘Legend planner’ review

This is my first time, buying or using a legend planner. I’ve heard so much about lifestyle planners in general over the past year or so, but never got round to buying myself one. So I did a little search on Amazon and came across this particular one.. the reviews were amazing, so I figured I would give it a try.

It’s relatively inexpensive at £20, compared to some others that are priced for around £30. But let me tell you.. it is completely worth the money! I’m a lifestyle planner newbie, but I love organising and using diaries so I knew I would get along just fine with it.

The best thing about this planner is that it is undated. Which means you can start using it at any point during the year. I bought mine the second weekend of January, but because there are no dates (you add them in yourself), it didn’t matter. As soon as it arrived, I got on with setting it all out, adding in all the details it needed and pretty much fell in love with it.

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ll probably already know, organisation is my thing.. and writing too, this planner uses them both, so for me it is absolutely perfect! If you’re not quite there on the organisation front, this will definitely help you with that! I’ve always been one to have my weeks or months and even days set out and organised to the very last detail, this allows you to do just that.

I’ve always had a diary to write in everything I need to remember (I just prefer them to using the one on my phone), but this planner has many more features in, many I haven’t seen before.. so it’s much more than your average diary. The main features are; Self discovery & vision, Dreams & life goals, 1 year goals, 3 month goals, Monthly agenda, Monthly review, Weekly agenda, Vision board, Strategy & rituals.

My favorite feature about this planner is the monthly agenda. Having my month set out right in front of my eyes is amazing! It suits my lifestyle and my personality perfectly! I use it daily, I pick it up first thing in the morning and refer back to it last thing at night. It is quite literally organising heaven. It is also just the right size to carry round with you if that’s your thing.

So yes, I would definitely recommend treating yourself to one of these beauty’s.. you won’t regret it!

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