My favourite reads of the year: 2020

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Lets be honest.. we’ve had plenty of time to read this past year. We have all spent majority of our time indoors with not all that much to do. So for me, reading and baking have been the two things that have allowed me to still have a little enjoyment.

Obviously I’ve done other things, but reading is my kind of escape. I can pick up a book, close the door on the world and get lost for a while. I’ve been like this for many years now (not just recently), but it’s something I still very much love doing during any spare time I may get. I do love quite a few different genres of books, so there’s a mixture in here.

So as you probably already know.. I’ve done plenty of reading during 2020.. I’ve spent numerous hours searching online for all the best books, mainly self help ones if I’m honest. And I’ve also spent quite a bit of money buying new books to enjoy. But, I do have my favourites that have either really helped me during this time, or have been such a good story, it’s stayed in my mind.

I thought I would share my favourites books of 2020, for those maybe wanting to invest in some good books to get them through these times, or just fancy having a nosey at what I like to read..

  • Raise your vibration – Kyle Gray
  • One summer in Paris – Sarah Morgan
  • Need you dead – Peter James
  • Manifest now – Idil Ahmed
  • Think and grow rich – Napoleon Hill
  • The holiday cottage by the sea – Holly Martin
  • Get your sh*t together – Sarah Knight
  • Good vibes, good life – Vex King

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