Monthly favourites – December

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I do apologise for the lack of blog posts during the month of December (it was a very hectic month), so Christmas became my priority.. so this post is a little late, but I wanted to make sure I included the last monthly favourites of the year..

December itself is one extremely busy month, from the very start.. it pretty much includes; shopping, tree decorating, baking.. and more shopping. So as you probably already know, I’ve had lots to do this month!

Christmas day

This one goes without saying. Christmas day for me is so special and I look forward to it all year round. This year was a little different, just through covid restrictions, but we made the best out of it and ended up having a really good day! Filled with lots of love and laughter and even more food! We went all out this year and made it one of the best yet! I am so very grateful to have been able to spend Christmas with my loved ones!

Online Christmas shopping

During the month of December it felt like all I did was online shop. For part of it, the shops were still closed, so the only way I could get everyones presents was to order online. I don’t usually mind this, it can get a little tiring searching through website after website, but it was for presents for my loved ones, so completely worth it. I must admit though, I did manage to do well just purely through shopping online, which hasn’t really happened any other year.. so for that, I’m extremely happy.

Icy walks

As we entered the winter months, boy did we know about it. It seemed like just over night the temperatures dropped dramatically and we had to spend our mornings de icing the cars (we still do). But when it comes to going for walks, I actually really like it when it is cold and snowy. It’s the perfect winter weather and I’m absolutely here for it.


During my ‘chill time’ I spent lots of time practicing my buttercream piping skills. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do now for the longest time and I finally got round to doing it. I love baking and improving all the time, so having that time to perfect my piping skills was everything!

Lots of chill time

I know I just expressed how busy December was, but on the flip side, the week between Christmas and New year, I had lots of time to chill. Which is exactly what I needed. I tend to burn myself out during the festive period, so I took this time to really relax and take time for myself. I spent lots of time in my pj’s watching anything christmassy and eating as many chocolates as I could.. and honestly, it was the best week ever!


Unsolved mysteries – Volume 2. I was obsessed with the first series of this program, so you can imagine how happy I was when I realised there was a second series. This is one of those programs that gets me from the very beginning. I love these sorts of series, and Netflix knows all about providing them for us.


H.E.R. I’ve heard a few of her songs before, but in all honesty didn’t go out of my way to find more of her music. Until I came across a song called ‘damage’.. then I was hooked. I’ve been listening to all her songs for a few weeks now and I’m obsessed!

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