Makeup essentials for the festive season

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

When it comes to makeup, on a daily basis I wear the bare minimum (purely through laziness).. but when the festive season is upon us, I love to go all out.. in every way, especially on my makeup. There is no better excuse to wear a red lip every single day.. even if it’s just for the food shop..

I have my day to day makeup, my glam makeup, then my festive makeup.. so over the years I’ve accumulated quite a collection of products that I only reach for during Christmas and New Years;

Red lip liner and Red lipstick;

You can wear a red lip at any point during the year, it doesn’t just have to be for Christmas, but for me.. this is the time I wear it the most. A full face of glam, with a pop of colour on my lips is my kind of thing. I do like to wear matching lip liner, just to make it look that bit neater.. but you don’t have to.

Gold/sparkly liquid eye liner;

I currently own a gold liquid liner from makeup revolution and honestly, it’s the best! It adds a little sparkle to a simple makeup look. I tend to go for soft glam and add this liner to bring out the brown in my eyes.. it works wonders.

Warm tone eye shadow palette;

You can never go wrong with a simple every day warm tone eye shadow palette. You don’t have to spend too much on them either, cheaper brands like makeup revolution do the best palettes for a fraction of the price. Sometimes during the festive period we’re in a rush and spending half an hour on our eyes is just not do-able, so I opt for a simple eye look pretty much all the time.

Gold eye foil;

I’ll admit I used to avoid wearing eye foils.. just because they used to crease on my lid and ruin my glam. But last year I found one from makeup revolution and now it is my collection of go-to products. You can even add some extra glitter on top if you’re wanting to go all out this New Year.

Waterproof mascara;

Getting extremely watery eyes due to the cold and windy weather is not a vibe. So I do often opt for waterproof during the winter season, just to avoid having mascara running down my face at all times. I love to go for walks, so being out in the fresh air can sometimes be a nightmare when it comes to keeping my mascara in place. Waterproof mascaras work wonders.

Sparkly lip gloss/ lip topper;

A nude lip and a sparkly lip gloss to top it off… yasss! I’m obsessed with a glossy lip, especially with added sparkle. We want to be looking cute at all times don’t we? I’ve lost count how many of these I currently own.. if I see one in the shop, I cannot help myself but to buy another.. it’s a problem. But sparkly glossy lips are my fave!

Red tone blush;

I never thought I’d be saying one of my go-to products would be a red tone blush.. it used to scare the hell out of me. But if you do decide to treat yourself to one, all I will say is.. go light handed, you can always apply more if needed. It’s all about red for the festive season.. so you may as well match your cheeks with your lips hey?

Dewy foundation;

When the weather is colder I can get away with a dewy foundation.. rather than my matte one which I use the rest of the time. A dewy foundation brings out your makeup, especially if you’re wearing glam eyes and lips. I do always make sure to set it in place, just to make sure it stays all day long.

Black and brown eye liner pencil;

Although I do wear these throughout the year, I feel like you can get away with more eyeliner during the festive season. I like to apply it to both my top and bottom waterlines to extenuate my eye makeup. Black was always my go to, but now I like to go a tiny bit more subtle with a brown liner instead.

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