The guide to a perfect cosy night in

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

For me, right now, it’s all about having as many cosy nights in as possible. We all have our own idea of that ‘perfect’ night in.. mine though, consists of lots of yummy food, my loved ones, comfy pyjamas and having the fire on. In fact.. that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing tonight..

To be quite honest, I’ll use any excuse to stay home and be where I feel most at peace.. the cold weather just helps make it feel ‘cosy’ you know?

But when it comes to my perfect cosy night in.. I do have my favourite things to do..

Bubble bath/Shower;

Run yourself a nice hot bath, with lots of bubbles or alternatively a shower.. I’m a bath kind of girl, especially when it comes to nights in. There’s just something about relaxing in a hot bath and taking the time to yourself (which you may not get any other time). You could even go all out and put on some music, maybe even have some candles lit (I use fake ones, just to be safe).


I own a pair of the fluffiest pyjamas ever.. these are my go to when spending the night in. They definitely come out more during the festive season. But whatever it is that you wear, make sure you’re comfy.. comfort is key, always! If you like to relax in your jeans, then they’re fine too. I sometimes wear a lounge set every now and then, a big oversized hoody and some joggers!


Usually for me, it’s a takeaway.. more often than not, a chinese to be precise. I just love a chinese takeaway! But if cooking is something you enjoy, then go grab all the ingredients you need and cook up an absolute storm! Fill your stomach with something you enjoy.. there’s nothing better than being able to sit back and enjoy your favourite meal.


Browines are definitely my favourite snacks, but then again.. I do like crisps and dips.. so basically, I’ll have them both. One of the benefits of being a baker is being able to bake whatever you like whenever you want. So brownies are a regular treat in my house. So fill up that bowl with toffee popcorn and eat until you can’t anymore!


I’m a Netflix girl, always have been and always will be. Ever in doubt.. Netflix! Right now, it’s Christmas film after Christmas film (granted you cannot find them all on Netflix, but you get my point). But my go-to place for films is always Netflix. Pick out an all time favourite film of yours, or maybe something you’ve never watched before and get snug on the sofa.

Wine/Hot chocolate;

Grab your favourite drink; whether that be a glass of wine, a gin, an ice cold beer, a cup of tea, a hot chocolate or even a cup of coffee.. the options are endless. Mine would definitely have to be a hot chocolate, or a gin.. depending on my mood.


I just love having the fire on.. it makes the living room feel so warm and cosy, which usually sends me to sleep, but it’s completely worth it! May as well go the whole way and put the fire on too haven’t we?

Fairy lights;

Honestly, if I could have fairy lights in every inch of my house, all year long.. I would. They are so beautiful and almost make it seem so peaceful and tranquil. I like to turn off all the lamps and light the room up with fairy lights alone.

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