Winter fashion essentials

Photo by Tamar Waskey on Unsplash

Although technically we’re not quite in the winter months just yet, it definitely feels like it here in the UK.. honestly, it’s freezing, we even had snow a few days ago.. I cannot leave the house without my big coat and gloves.. so really, a winter post is acceptable.

I’ll admit, Autumn fashion is definitely my favourite, but I do love a cosy winter coat.. I love layering and making my outfits look as cute as possible (even if I’m just taking the dog for a walk).. it’s all about being warm though isn’t it? I just want to be snug while I’m going about my day..

I’ve found that when it comes to seasons, I definitely have my must haves. I did a post not too long ago on my Autumn fashion essentials, so it seems only fair I do one on my Winter fashion essentials..

Thermal/double layer leggings

I have no idea what I ever did before I bought myself a pair of thermal leggings. I bought my first pair from Primark and still have them to this day, so don’t worry about spending too much on them, they can be found in cheaper shops too. During the colder months I live in these. If you don’t already own a pair, treat yourself.. they are life changing!

Thermal socks

Just the same as the leggings, I live in these currently. Especially if you’re outdoorsy like myself, being outside a lot.. going for walks etc can get a little chilly so it’s important we stay as warm as possible. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I absolutely hate having cold feet, so thermal socks are where it’s at.

Beanie hat

I own a couple of these and do reach for them on a daily basis, especially now. I have one in black and one in a camel color.. just so I’m covered for whatever outfit choice I decide on. You could even go the extra mile and buy yourself a festive one..

Roll neck jumper

I find that wearing a roll neck jumper cuts out the added scarf. So sometimes when I don’t feel like accessorizing with a scarf, I’ll throw on a roll neck. I tend to go for smaller roll neck jumpers (as in less material around your neck, that sometimes sit further down). I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like when roll neck jumpers are too thick, I like them to be thinner so I can layer them up a little.

Biker boots

Biker boots have been around for a while now, but have started to become popular again. A good quality pair of biker boots (faux leather of course) and an all black outfit with a pop of colour from your scarf and handbag is my idea of a perfect outfit. You can dress this up for a meal and drinks with your love or you can dress it down for a walk date, biker boots are very versatile footwear.

Faux fur scarf

I don’t currently own one of these (I’m still searching for my perfect one) but I used to. I had one for the longest time, but decided to give it to charity a little while ago. It lasted me such a long time and I wore it almost all the time. You cannot go wrong with a faux fur scarf, especially during the winter months. Get yourself one of these and I promise you’ll never complain about your neck being cold again.

Easy to layer basics

I mentioned before that I love to layer, so in order to do that, you need some good basics. When it comes to tops, a few staple colours will do the trick; Black, white, grey and nude. I have a couple of each, so I always have something to use to layer. Layering up your clothes is the easiest way of staying warm during the winter. They don’t have to be anything too expensive, I tend to shop for mine in places like Primark, New Look and Missguided.

Knitted gloves

There’s just something about knitted gloves that make you feel Christmassy. You could even go the extra mile and get a full knitted set; hat, scarf and gloves. I usually get out my knitted gloves when going on long cold walks or to Christmas markets when I know I will be holding either a hot chocolate or a mulled wine..

Jumper dress

I currently own 3 jumper dresses all which are from either Boohoo or Pretty Little Thing I believe. I find these are the best places to shop when looking for jumper dresses. These are my go to when going for walks. I like to be comfy but also warm and cosy, they do just that. Thick enough to keep me warm but thin enough to allow me to cool down once I’ve been walking a while.

Faux fur long line coat

I just love a big fluffy coat! Faux fur of course.. there are so many of these available, so you’ll never been stuck for choice. These come in all different kinds of colours and lengths, they are still definitely very much on trend. When I buy a coat I like to know it will last me at least the entire winter season, if not longer. So definitely go for quality over quantity.

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