Monthly favourites – November

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

I’m pretty sure I say this in every monthly favourites post.. but what the?? We’re in December already.. how, what?!!

One more monthly favourites post and I’ve done the whole year, it only seems like yesterday that I decided I wanted to try it.. I’m definitely going to carry on with it, I love looking back over my month to see what I’ve achieved and how good it has been.

Just like every other month since March, November has flown by! But overall, it’s been a good month for me. I’ve made some personal achievements and work ones too, so it’s been pretty good.. which I’m extremely grateful for.

Second national lockdown

Although I wouldn’t class a lockdown as being a positive thing, it has been in the sense that I’ve been able to get lots done. Work wise and goal wise. When we are forced to stay indoors, we are also forced to face things we probably wouldn’t see in normal circumstances. So for the second time this year it’s given me the time to really focus on what matters. In a weird kind of way, I’ve actually enjoyed it.

Black Friday sales

I’m going to say this as a good thing, but the reality is.. my bank account wouldn’t agree. When black Friday came around, I did some serious damage… BUT, to my defense, I did spend majority of my money on Christmas presents, rather than on myself. I loved it, sat at home on my laptop, searching for all the perfect gifts for my loved ones, without having to be traipsing round the shops and bumping into people because it’s so crowded. Now that’s my kind of black Friday shopping!

Christmas decorations

Is it just me or has lots of people put their Christmas decorations up extremely early this year? Not that I have anything against it, absolutely not.. I’m all for it in fact. But myself, I didn’t put mine up until the last weekend in November. I love decorating my home in beautiful sparkly, classy decorations that I get to look at for a while. There’s just something about Christmas decor that makes your home feel way more homely.. I’m obsessed!

Sunrise walk

I honestly cannot remember the last time I got up really early and went on a sunrise walk. It was perfect! Exactly what I needed to break up my week and switch up my routine a little. I went to a nearby park, which takes roughly an hour to walk round. The trick is to get there in good time to be able to watch the sunrise in all it’s glory.. well worth the early morning.


I don’t watch all that much YouTube anymore, I’m a little sad about that.. I do love watching vlogs, but my time is spent elsewhere these days. Although, when I do have time, I like to watch Manifest fast with Jasmine. I recently came across her channel and it came at the right time for me. She does focus more on specific person manifestation, but I tend to watch her for the general manifestation techniques. Because as much as they work for a specific person, her techniques are perfect for manifestation in general.. and I’m all about that.


The fall – All I can say is… I’m obsessed!! I’d heard so much about this series and was told on numerous occasions why I should watch it.. so I did! I’ve been binge watching it for the past week or so (I haven’t got many episodes left).. I have no idea what I’m going to watch once I’ve finished it! It’s a little bit different and definitely won’t be to everyone’s taste (it wasn’t mine to begin with), but after a couple of episodes I was hooked!


Obviously I’m talking about Christmas songs here. Every time I get chance to listen to music, it’s always Christmas songs. It’s that time of year, it’s cold outside, my decorations are up, I’ve nearly finished my shopping so the only thing left to do is rinse the Christmas music until I cannot stand it no more. So for the foreseeable, you’ll find me singing at the top of my lungs to Mariah carey.

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