Christmas gift ideas – 2020

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

This year has been a little different to say the least, especially when it comes to doing our Christmas shopping..

Majority of people don’t start their shopping until around this time, but for people like me who like to be extra organised and get as much shopping early on as possible, it’s been some what difficult. In the UK we are currently into our second national lockdown, this means all none essential shops are closed (all the shops we buy our Christmas presents from). But this coming Wednesday, they re-open again.

Personally, I’ve avoided shops as much as I possibly can during this whole pandemic, so I’ll continue to do that until it’s all over. So, majority of my shopping has been done online.. which is fine, but does make things a little harder just from the sheer volume of people shopping online at the same time. I’ve done pretty well though, so I’m happy!

It’s different this year, it’s been tough and still very much is. But Christmas is the one day that we should enjoy it for exactly what it is.. spend time with loved ones, create memories that will last a lifetime, eat all the best foods and spoil loved ones with presents you know they will love. If there was ever a year we need that extra boost of enjoyment, it’s 2020.

So I thought I would create a gift guide, for those looking for ideas;

  • Gin/cocktail making kit
  • Photo album – of all your favourite memories
  • Loungewear/pyjamas/fluffy socks/slippers
  • Crystals – Rose quartz
  • Perfume/Aftershave
  • A night away – (when it’s safe to do so)
  • Hamper – full of all their favourite food
  • Books
  • Weekend bag
  • Shop voucher
  • Exercise kit – yoga mat/resistance bands
  • Makeup/Haircare
  • Candles/Diffusers
  • A day trip – super car day/spa day/fun activity
  • Retro toy – something from their childhood

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