Holidays in the snow – Bucket list

Photo by Dylan LaPierre on Unsplash

Getting away for a few days over the winter season is up there with one of the best things you can do. Yes, I love a sunny sunbathing holiday, but I do also love a snowy one too.. especially at Christmas time!

Seeing the world is on my bucket list by itself.. But I thought for this post I would share the snowy/winter holidays that for me, are a must. Hopefully one day I’ll have them all ticked off and have all the memories to go with it. I’m not too sure a winter holiday is on the cards this year, but next year I will most definitely make up for it!

  • New York at Christmas time
  • Chamonix – French alps
  • Tromso – Norway
  • Iceland
  • The highlands – Scotland
  • Prague
  • Yosemite – California
  • Lapland – Finland
  • Canada
  • Dolomites – Italy
  • Austria
  • Switzerland – Glacier express
  • Sweden

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