Must have Autumn accessories

Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

I’ve done a post on must have Autumn clothes, so it’s only right I do one on accessories right?

I just love the fact that each season brings out a different sense of style in me. Autumn is my favourite, just purely because of the colours. The burnt oranges, the forest greens.. ahh perfect!

When it comes to accessories, I like to go for things that I know will see me through the year. Versatile pieces that can also be used during other seasons too. I like quality pieces, some from the high street but also some from online stores. I do also buy what we like to call ‘fast fashion’, but I go for simple every day pieces that I won’t just throw away. I think it’s important to go for good quality accessories as well as clothes. And even though online stores sometimes get a bad rep, if you choose the correct pieces, you can find those that will stay in your wardrobe/collection for a long time.

I’m an accessory girl, I love all things accessories. Ever since I was a little girl, I would spend hours on end in shops just looking at all the jewellery and hats. I was obsessed, and still am. I love a simple autumn outfit, something that can be worn multiple times, but brought to life through accessories. Things like handbags, shoes, boots, hats, belts and of course jewellery.

So these are some of my favourites for this year;

Flat over the knee boots/ thigh highs;

I’ve owned a pair of thigh high boots for a few years now. Let’s put it this way, I’ve had my money’s worth out of them. They have come absolutely everywhere with me… It’s probably time I treat myself to some new ones this year. My current pair are black, and go with near enough everything. I can wear them with dressy outfits for date night but also wear them for shopping with the girls. They are a statement boot and can add to any outfit.

High ankle boots;

I’m thinking a nice tan colour. I found some on ASOS that I am absolutely in love with! So they will be my next purchase. When it comes to really high heels, I have to be careful.. my little legs don’t always cope that well.. So here’s to those being the perfect boot for me this autumn. I feel like, every girl or boy who loves a good high heel, needs a good quality pair of ankle boots in their collection. You can dress them up and of course down to suit any outfit. Pick a colour you know you will get lots of wear out of.

Fedora hat;

Fedora hats are all the rage this year. I’ve seen them so much recently on Instagram .. I love them! The 3 staple colours would be black, nude and grey. If you like hats then you will definitely be purchasing yourself a fedora hat if you haven’t already. These generally do look better with more dressy outfits, but if you want to rock one with your joggers and hoody.. then absolutely go for it!

New era cap;

Believe it or not, I do love a good cap. I currently only own a black one, but I am seriously considering buying a few more. Maybe a berry colour or a khaki green? I wear them mostly for going for walks. For those no makeup, cannot be bothered to do my hair kind of walks. I want to be comfy and warm, so a big fluffy coat and a cap is just how my days are looking at the moment. New era is a brand that has been around for such a long time now and as far as I know, has never really gone out of fashion. If you’ve never heard of them before, check them out.

Good pair of wellies;

I live in England so wellies are absolutely essential! I cannot express enough how much I need them. I love going for long walks so getting a little muddy along the way is part and parcel. I like the wellies that come up your leg around half way. So not too big, but enough to keep out any muddy puddles. The ones I currently own are more like a boot, in fact if you didn’t know they were wellies you probably would just think they are a pair of chunky boots. Good quality wellies don’t have to cost a fortune, you can pick some up online.. maybe ASOS, for a very reasonable price.

Chunky knit scarf;

Where would we be without our chunky knit scarfs? Freezing our butts off, that’s where! I don’t go anywhere without my knit scarf, it’s an essentials during these seasons. Something you can throw on with pretty much any outfit and know you will be staying warm regardless. I tend to buy mine from places like New Look on the high street and Missguided online. But they sell them everywhere so you definitely won’t be struggling to find one.

Small handbag;

When I say small handbag, I mean just that. Since we’re in the colder months now, nipping in here and there has become the norm (especially in current situations) and I find that having a small handbag (crossbody) is far easier. Something cute and stylish, maybe even a little edgy, but just fits in all your essentials. Anyone else find they over fill their bag with unnecessary items when it’s bigger? Because same. So right now, I stick to smaller bags. A nice forest green or dark brown would be perfect for this time of year.

Good quality gloves;

Just like a hat, scarf and wellies are must have Autumn/Winter items.. a pair of good quality gloves is right there with them. For the longest time, I used to hate wearing gloves.. I don’t know what it was, but I hated them. Maybe it’s because I was always wanting to take pictures of pretty trees on my phone and taking my gloves off just to put them back on again used to drive me mad. But anyway, we all need a good pair of gloves. Some that can sustain the ridiculously cold breeze we seem to be getting these days and the sudden down pours of rain. Gloves are an item I do recommend going for quality, just purely because we need to keep those hands warm!

Knee boots;

I am utterly obsessed with knee boots.. I want them in every colour possible. White, black, brown, grey, maybe even purple for good measure.. I just want them all! They look so good with a satin mini skirt and an oversized knit jumper.. throw on a fedora hat and some statement earrings and you’ve got yourself an outfit!

Statement earrings;

So I’ve covered the basics, but even when we’re nipping out to take the dog for a walk and we’re wearing numerous layers.. we still want to look cute. I find the way to do this is wear a pair of statement earrings. They don’t have to be all singing all dancing (unless that’s your thing, then go for it), but just something that will add a little edge to your Autumn outfit. I mainly shop online for earrings, I just find the ranges to be much better. Maybe a nice small gold hoop or an emerald green stud.

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