Wella silvikrin hairspray V Superdrug hairspray

I’ve never done a comparison post before, but they are one of my favourites to read.. so I thought, why not?

I love trying new products, makeup, skincare, fake tan, hair care.. basically anything. But this one was just by pure coincidence. I was looking through my products and came across an old Wella hairspray I used to use all the time. I switched it out a little while ago for the Superdrug own brand.

My main reason for this is because I am always on the hunt for new cruelty free products. I’m doing my best to replace all my old products and replace with them with products that do not test on animals. It’s something I’ve been doing for a while now, but I think it’s still important to find products that work for you..

I know we are all aware of makeup brands and skin care brands that still to this day test on animals, but we tend to forget about the other products we use; like hairspray, toothpaste, shampoos etc. So I’ve been doing my research and replacing my old products.

Anyway onto the products.. Wella silvikrin hairspray is the one I have used for years! I’m very much one of those people that once I find something that works for me, I tend to stick to it. So for the longest time, wella hairspray has done the job. It’s reasonably priced and you can pick it up from pretty much anywhere in the UK. So this was once my go-to. I used to use it on a daily basis (hence the big bottle) and I need something that I know will keep my hair in place all day long. The one I used to always use is in the strength ‘Firm hold’ which is number 4. So your hair is definitely not moving throughout the day. I believe it goes up to number 5 in terms of hold, but number 4 always worked perfectly for me.

Like I mentioned before, my reason for trying another hairspray was purely because I became aware that the brand I was using, still tests on animals. So I was having a nosey on Superdrug online and came across their own brand hairspray. If you’re not from the UK, Superdrug is our drugstore where they sell all kinds of makeup, skincare, hair care, fake tans.. pretty much any cosmetics. Their own brand is all cruelty free (it has a little star symbol on all the products).

I bought the Superdrug hairspray, which I believe was around £1.99 (almost half the price of Wella), I bought it in the 450ml bottle which is near enough the same size as the Wella hairspray and I also made sure I got it in the same strength.. number 4, which is described as ‘Extra firm hold’. I absolutely love this hairspray! I feel like it works a lot better than the Wella one. It does exactly what I need it to and it doesn’t move all day long. I know that when I put this on first thing in the morning, that by the end of the day, my hair will still be in the same place. I have now found my new favourite, and will definitely be only purchasing this from now on. It’s extremely affordable and such a good hair product. I recommend this to anyone!

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