Things to do this Halloween

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

I think it’s fair to say, this year is very different in so many ways. That now includes Halloween celebrations. I know right now you’re usually planning your Halloween costume ready for the annual party you attend. But this year, you’re not quite sure how you are going to be celebrating.

Halloween for a lot of people doesn’t really mean that much. For me, I was going to go out this year to celebrate (obviously I’m not anymore). In the UK we now have further restrictions, no more than 6 people in a group. This means big groups of friends cannot party together. I’m not too sure as far as Halloween events are concerned (I’m thinking they won’t be going ahead), but as far as house parties, it is no more than 6 people allowed. So obviously this means most parties will be off.

So this year I’ve decided I will be staying home with my loved ones and my dog, watching Hocus Pocus whilst eating Halloween bakes.. most likely cupcakes. And in all honesty, that sounds absolutely amazing to me!

But I thought I would share some ideas for any of you who may be struggling on what to do for Halloween this year..

  • Halloween baking
  • Pumpkin patch – outdoor, so you can still social distance
  • Pumpkin carving/painting
  • Make an effort to decorate the house this year (especially if you don’t usually bother)
  • Find out all your favourite Halloween films and spend a cosy night in
  • Decorate the table with decorations and make a home cooked meal, Halloween themed
  • If you have children (or not) – have a small party – depending on restrictions where you are
  • Create your own Halloween games

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