Skinny Tan body glow – Review

I’m fully aware we are now venturing into much colder months.. I’m very happy about this (if you didn’t already know). I don’t know what it is, but this year I’m just over the warm weather.. so I’m all here for getting wrapped up in cosy jumpers and drinking hot chocolate by the fire. BUT despite all this, I still want to look nice and glowy.

Since there has been a lack of holidays this year, I haven’t been able to get that summer glow.. but that’s fine, that’s the least of our worries. But even during the colder months I still like to have a bit of a tan. Skinny Tan body glow is how I achieve this. I did a review on my favourite fake tan, which is the Skinny Tan mousse in shade dark. I’m still obsessed with it, but just recently I’ve been reaching for the body glow instead.

I’m putting it down to my laziness.. doing the whole, exfoliate, moisturize and tan thing is just not doing it for me at the minute. This is why I gave the body glow a try. It’s basically a moisturizer with tan in it. It comes in different shades, I use the shade Medium. Perfect for my complexion. It gives me that perfect tan without all the effort.

Just apply this onto clean skin, rub it in (it turns into a white cream but when lathered and rubbed in properly it turns clear and absorbs into the skin. Despite it being a moisturiser, it is still very easy to apply and easy to make sure you haven’t missed anywhere. The lathering and white colour acts as your guide.

It’s so quick and easy to apply so ten minutes every night is perfect for me. I like to keep re applying it, whenever I see it starting to fade, I just add on another layer. You could use this every single day if you like, just depending on what shade of tan you would like. I still apply my regular moisturiser every day when I get out of the shower. This helps to keep the Skinny Tan in place and stops it going patchy when it begins to wear off.

I buy mine from Superdrug in the UK, I believe it is around £10 and you can sometimes get it for cheaper if they have a discount on. Also it is Cruelty free, and if you’ve read my posts before, you’ll know this is very important to me! It lasts an awful long time too, even if you use it regularly.

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