The YouTube channels I love to watch

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

I think I’m one of the many that watch YouTube on a daily basis.. and I have done for years now!

It started off as makeup tutorials, then it turned into vlogs. Now I will pretty much watch anything. I watch such a range of videos, my daily dose of YouTube could consist of; makeup, cake decorating, manifestation techniques, vlogs or cute dog videos.. the possibilities are endless.

Like anyone else, I do have my favourites though.. the ones that regardless of what they upload, I will watch it. I’m subscribed to quite a number of channels but for the most part only watch my favourites (unless I see something that strikes my attention).. then maybe I’ll give another channel a watch.

So if you like any of the things I listed above, then some of these channels may be for you;..

  • The Perkins
  • British girl bakes
  • Rachel Leary
  • Shani Grimmond
  • Dionne Crowe
  • Manifest fast with Jasmine
  • Law of attraction coaching
  • Madison Sarah
  • Michael Finch
  • Hannah Renee
  • Matthew Hussey
  • Russell Brand
  • Tom Bilyeu
  • Jamie Genevieve
  • CupcakeJemma
  • Jay Shetty

One thought on “The YouTube channels I love to watch

  1. I love Tom Bilyeu’s stuff! Conversely, I also like watching channels that expose fake gurus, and I have to say that YouTube is the new TV in this day and age. Thanks for sharing, I might need to check out the other ones in your list!

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