My go to nude lips

Photo by Johanne Kristensen on Unsplash

My most popular product in my makeup collection has got to be my lipsticks. Nude lipsticks at that..

There is just something about them I cannot resist. I used to be an all singing all dancing makeup kind of girl, this meant bright eyes and bright lips. But over the past few years, neutral eyes and nude lips have definitely stolen my heart. I’m definitely one of those girls that cannot walk past a makeup counter without at least having a little nosey at the lipsticks.

I love all things makeup, and I’ve got myself a good sized collection.. but nude lipsticks definitely make up the majority. I am a little bit of a creature of habit when it comes to lip products, this just purely comes down to what I feel most comfortable in. This includes, shade of lipstick and also the comfort of it. I like a lip product that I forget I’m wearing and that also lasts a long time without having to re apply it.

Like I said; I’ve got a reasonably good sized lip collection.. lip liners, lipsticks and also lip glosses. So I thought I would share with you my nude lip collection..

Lip liners;

  • Mac cosmetics – Stripdown
  • Mac cosmetics – Subculture
  • Makeup revolution – Noble

Lip sticks;

  • Makeup revolution – Prime
  • Kat von d – Everlasting liquid lipstick – Noble
  • Mac cosmetics – Pure zen
  • Soph x makeup revolution – Cake
  • Mac cosmetics – Shy girl

Lip gloss;

  • Anastasia beverly hills – Estella
  • Nyx – Fortune cookie
  • Makeup revolution – Lip topper – Exquisite
  • Makeup revolution – Sheer crush

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