Using your ‘most creative’ time to your advantage

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I’m a morning person, an early bird.. I wake up early every single morning without fail. And this is the time I am at my most creative. I like to get stuff done, first thing. If I leave it any longer during the day, chances are.. I won’t do it. Some people are night owls and some people can be creative at pretty much any time during the day..there is no wrong in this.

The first step would be to recognise when you feel at your most creative, when all your creative juices are flowing and you feel like you can take on the world. Finding out just when that is will help enormously in putting it to good use. Like I mentioned before, I’m a morning person. That’s just what works for me, I figured this out a while ago now but it only became extremely obvious during our time in lockdown. Because of being at home so often I had all day to really study when I felt at my most creative.

The second step would be to put a plan in place to utilize it. I don’t mean you have to wake up and have a step by step guide of every minute of your day, I simply mean have an idea of what you would like to get done during this time. I usually have a notebook with a few tasks I would like to get done.. you know me and my notebooks (we do everything together). More often than not I use this time to write my blog posts. I get them done first thing and if I have enough time, I may write a few in advance. Anything that involves using my brain a lot I do it in this time. If it wasn’t for other people in my house I’m pretty sure I would wake up at silly o’clock in the morning and begin my day. But that can wait until I have my own space so I won’t be disturbing anyone.

And the third step is to enjoy it. This being the most important part of them all. What’s the point in being creative and using your precious time to get the things you want to get done if you don’t enjoy it? I love my creative time, I look forward to it each and every day. I know I can get things done, but I also enjoy doing it. I like waking up early, I like having time to really focus with no disruptions, I like pouring my time and energy into something I know will help with my future. So make sure to enjoy it!

I think one of the other important points about creative time is not wasting it. For such a long time I knew exactly when my time was and knew if I just put it to good use I could really be on my way to smashing life, but I didn’t use it.. I wasted it. Don’t do what I did, use the time right now!

Creative time could be anything that truly makes you happy. It could be work, a hobby or goals you want to achieve.. whatever works for you. Just an hour a day will make the world of difference. Don’t put it off. I know sometimes we don’t feel all that good and sitting down and writing a blog posts is the last thing you want to be doing, but sometimes we have to push ourselves a little. But also don’t beat yourself up if some days you just cannot be bothered.. there’s always the next day.

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