Monthly favourites – August

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

We’re now in September, so technically this means I can start Christmas shopping right? I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t quite work out how we are already in September.. like where did August go? I didn’t do anything and now it’s practically winter.

Not that I’m complaining, I for one am thankful the summer is near enough over.. well here in England it is, hot summers are not something we get much of. But I am glad about that, especially this year.. I’m so ready for winter now!


I mentioned in my last monthly favourites that I had just started to go back out into the shops. But this month I’ve been doing a lot of that. I guess it comes with how comfortable you personally feel.. it took a little while to get used to how things worked and if I’m honest I found it all a bit strange so I kind of swayed away from the idea and just stayed home instead. But now masks are mandatory and people seem to be sticking to the social distancing rules, I feel a lot better about having a good old nosey around the shops. I absolutely LOVE shopping so you can guess how happy I am now that I’m able to do it much more regularly.

Switching out clothes

I’ve done this for years now, but at the end of summer, I switch out my summer clothes for my winter and vise versa. I cannot bare to have all my clothes in my wardrobe at one time. So I have a box that I put up into the loft that during the summer months, has all my winter clothes in and during the winter has all my summer clothes in. This way I know exactly what I have and don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothes I have. I did it a little early this year, just because I’m decorating my room so it seemed like the easiest thing to do (saves me doing it later).


In all honesty I haven’t had all that much free time to do much reading just lately. So it’s kind of strange for me, but it’s okay.. my books will always be there. So instead of starting a new book and not being able to finish it, I’ve just been re reading some books I have already read. Mainly self help ones, the usual ones like The Secret and Manifest Now. Just a couple of chapters here and there has been the extent of my book reading this month.


It usually comes to this time of the month and I think ‘ahh yes, I binge watched this.. I binge watched that’. But nope, none of that this month either. Just the same as reading, I haven’t had lots of time to get in my Netflix fix either. But I’m okay with that, I can completely live without TV. Although, when I’ve had the spare hour or so, I’ve been carrying on watching Vampire Diaries, or Skins. The odd episode every now and then. I started watching Vampire Diaries years ago, but for some reason never finished it (I think I got up to season 2), so I figured I would start it again and try and finish it this time. Skins on the other hand, I have watched this.. numerous times over, I just love it so much I can re watch it and never get bored.


I think it’s fair to say majority of us have had a bit of a lockdown binge (mine being food). But seen as though lockdown is basically over, I should probably start eating better. Over the past few weeks I’ve been focusing on making sure I eat a lot better than I have been doing. Getting myself back into a routine of preparing my food so I don’t just eat anything and exercising a lot more regularly. So far so good..


Buying my first home is the next thing on my agenda. I’ve been doing the usual and saving as much as possible but I’ve also been buying lots of things I need for my house. Mainly things for the kitchen.. you know, the little things you’d probably forget about, like the pizza slice or the potato peeler, that sort of thing. I’ve been getting bigger things like mixing bowls, pans and containers etc but nothing I could change my mind on. Nothing too drastic with a bright colour or pattern on that might not match my future kitchen. But it’s been fun, I love buying things for my house. I’m an organiser and I always have to be prepared so it seemed the right thing to do.


I’ve been doing a lot of research on everything to do with baking (this is what’s been taking up most of my time).. so when you’re wanting to progress in a baking business it’s important you try out as many recipes as you can, as well as discovering your own. Blogs and Instagram pages are where my focus has been. The amount of recipes you can find online is amazing. I’m going to do a post on my favourites soon, so I’ll save all the details for that. But I am so excited about all the new recipes I can now try out.


I mentioned before about me switching out my summer clothes for my winter. My reason for doing this is simple.. I’m over summer!! I have no idea why, I’m putting it down to what is going on in the world.. but Autumn and winter cannot come soon enough for me. I am well and truly in Halloween and Christmas mode.. maybe not so much Christmas (it’s a little early) but Halloween and Autumn leaves are where my head is at right now.


Another good thing that happened this month was my sister’s birthday. Of course it was a social distanced/ lockdown birthday, but we still had the best day. We did her an afternoon tea style party and celebrated the only way we know how.. by eating lots of yummy food and of course plenty of sweet treats. She enjoyed every second of it, so a good birthday all round.

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