Declutter, declutter, declutter.. Why we should keep our space tidy!

Photo by Jessy Smith on Unsplash

I’m an absolute pro when it comes to decluttering.. it’s just in my blood. Ever since I was younger, I’ve always been one of those people who can declutter my space pretty easily. I like my space to be as tidy and organised as possible so it comes naturally to me.

Don’t get me wrong I love having things around me that make me smile (or that I need) but for the most part I don’t hang on to too many things. Saying that, I do have quite a few boxes in the loft filled with my keep sakes from over the years.. but that’s fine. That’s an important point, just because you’re decluttering your room, doesn’t mean you have to throw away absolutely everything and keep nothing of sentimental value. Keep those things from your childhood or something special from a loved one, but if you don’t want it in your room.. put it in a safe space for you to go to at a later date.

I don’t do clutter and I definitely don’t do mess. I cannot stand it! I’m definitely one of those people who get seriously affected by clutter. It messes with my mind. At the moment, I’m still at home, so I don’t have a full space to myself, so my room is my sanctuary. It is very important to me that I keep it tidy and free of clutter. I guess you could say I like things to be minimal.

My room is my office, my safe space, my meditation spot, my quiet place to read, my closet and my beauty room all rolled into one. So yes, it does hold quite a lot of things. Recently I’ve been putting in some serious hours into re organising my room. I’ve been putting together things that can be taken to the nearest charity shop and I’ve also been moving around possessions that no longer need to be in my room and putting them in the loft. And honestly, I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to bring some organisation back to my room.

I mentioned before about hoping to switch up my space a little bit (just until I move out) so I guess you could say this was my inspiration.. because no one needs as many bags as I had.. absolutely no one! The clutter was starting to take over my room and it wasn’t doing my mental space any good. So I’ve done something about it; I’ve organised what I do have in my room which is now ready for new furniture and a fresh look and I’ve also organised everything I want to keep but not have in my room.. they’ve gone into boxes all labelled and stored properly in the loft, waiting there for me to take with me when I move out.

A tidy space does absolute wonders for the mind! If you’re a self help book reader like myself, then you will know in quite a few, they explain why keeping a tidy organised space will help you to bring new into your life. But also how important it is to declutter too. Re vamp your room, treat yourself to some new outfits (and give the old ones to charity) add in some new decorations or home decor, make your space as inviting as possible.

Every now and then I will go through my room and put together a bag of things I no longer want or need anymore and then I take them to the nearest charity shop. The one closest to me is for shelter dogs, so I always feel amazing when I drop my unwanted items off at the door.. I know the money from my pre loved items will be helping towards paying and looking after those precious little fur babies.. and honestly, it’s a great feeling. So do your bit, wherever possible.

The over all meaning of this post is just to say if you’re feeling a little uninspired or your mind is a little foggy, switch up your room/space a bit. Re organise, freshen up the paint on your walls, add in a desk, go through those hundreds of files you’ve had stored under your bed for the past few years, throw in a new fluffy rug that your dog will most likely sleep on.. just that little bit of change helps, I promise!

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