Monthly favourites – July

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Online shopping

I don’t know if it’s just me but.. hasn’t the online stores really been upping their game recently? I go through stages where sometimes I can search online for hours and not find a single thing that I want to buy.. then others, I’m practically screaming at the screen for them to take my money! So yes, I’ve been doing a lot of that recently.. my bank balance isn’t thanking me for it mind. But I have lots of new cute clothes, accessories and bags so I’m one happy girl.


Like any other monthly favourites post, I like to include at least one thing I’m loving watching at that time. This time, it’s a series called unsolved mysteries. I’m obsessed.. I’m not ashamed to say I binged watched the whole thing in a matter of days. But that’s when you know it’s a good series. I love anything that makes me put down my phone or laptop and concentrate on the TV.. unsolved mysteries does just that. If you like crime series’ then give this one a go.


I’ve been wanting to find a good podcast for the longest time, but for some reason just never really found anything that resonated with me. You’ll probably already know I love anything to do with manifesting and the law of attraction. So a few days ago I went onto Spotify and typed in just that.. and a podcast called ‘Law of attraction changed my life’ appeared. When I looked into it further to see exactly what it was about, I found it was the exact thing I was looking for. I’ve listened to every episode and sit patiently waiting throughout the week for the next episode to be released. Something about her just makes sense to me, the way she speaks is amazing and relatable and her advice and personal experiences give me faith that everything I want to manifest.. will.


Manifest Now by Idil Ahmed. On the topic of manifestation, it’s only right I read another self help book. This one being similar to others I have read before but also very different. I haven’t quite finished the book just yet but already know it is one I will read again and again. It is filled with techniques on how to manifest ‘now’, it includes a 7 day manifestation technique that allows you to get it extremely quickly. Which is something I haven’t read before. This book has been on my ‘must buy book list’ for quite some time and I figured now was the time to buy it and crack on with using it in my every day life.


If you’ve read any of my previous posts you will know I am looking to buy my own house in the near future. But for now I am still in my family home, so I figured I would switch my room up a little bit. I need new, I need different.. furniture, decorations, colours etc. I just need change. So as of now I am currently hunting for new wardrobes (that I can take to my own house), drawers and a desk too. At the moment I don’t have anywhere to sit to do my blog posts.. so a desk is very much needed. I love organisation and that is something that is very much lacking in my room at the moment. I love anything to do with home improvements so I’m enjoying every minute of it.


I’ve mentioned before that during lockdown I have not been to a single shop. I live in a high risk family so socialising has been off the cards. In the UK, shops have been open for a few weeks now and wearing a face covering has been made mandatory this past week. So it has made it easier for those wanting to start getting back to normal whilst still being protected as best as possible. I ventured out into the shops this past week, I didn’t go too far.. but honestly it felt amazing! I never realised just how much I needed a sense of normality back into my life. I’m not saying I’m going to jump straight back into going to shopping centres and spending hours on end looking at clothes, but slowly but surely I’m getting back to normal.


As far as businesses go.. I’ve never had one before. But hopefully in the near future, my mum and I will be able to say we own our own. But for now we’ve been spending as much time as possible trying new recipes, creating new ideas and being the taste testers for new flavours. Being your own taste tester is extremely fun let me tell you. There’s just nothing better than watching something come together and sitting back thinking yep we did that.

3 thoughts on “Monthly favourites – July

  1. I feel that there has been a little more variety on online shops in these last few months, most certainly because they know that it is a struggle to get to the high street shops. Though at the same time, it does feel nice to be able to get out again.

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  2. Online shopping is therapeutic just adding beautiful things to my cart is wonderful 🤣🤣🤣,and don’t get me started with how amazing baking is
    I loved reading your monthly faves
    Happy New Month dear

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