What I’ve learnt during lockdown

Photo by Sandie Clarke on Unsplash

I’m hoping that some day soon this will all just be a distant memory. But for now, even though things are slowly starting to get back to normal (the new normal).. it’s far from over. Lockdown in the UK is near enough over, there are still many restrictions, but they’re for our own safety so I’m totally fine with them.

I guess you could say my lockdown experience has been slightly different to the majority.. I live in a high risk family, so being extra careful has been our top priority. But, on the flip side.. it has given me plenty of time to work on myself, figure out what I want from life and what my next steps are going to be once this is all finally over.

But for this post, I wanted to share the things I’ve learnt during my time in lockdown;

Never to take my freedom for granted

I have a pretty good social life, I love the outdoors, I love being out with friends and family, going shopping, eating out.. all the usual. So being locked in doors for months was tough to begin with. We take freedom for granted, it’s one of those things that is pretty much always guaranteed. So when it is taken away from us and is by no means in our control anymore, we miss it. My everyday life has suddenly been put on pause and just everyday chores became something I couldn’t do anymore. I honestly will never take for granted being able to nip to the shop for some ice cream ‘just because I fancy some’ or nipping to see my friends after work, or going to see family and make many more amazing memories. It really does put things into perspective and this is one of the things I learnt very early on during the pandemic.

I actually like being around people

I guess I thought I was a bit of an introvert.. well, turns out I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my own space, I’m very much independent and don’t rely on anyone. But I think I became too independent and being confined to my home with only my family around me has proven I do actually like people. I have very much missed human interaction.. just the every day things like, walking into a shop and having general conversations with other people doing there shopping. Like I said, my experience has been slightly different to majority of others.. so human interaction has been very minimal.

I’m ready for the next step in life

When I say next step I mean relationship, house/apartment, job, travel.. everything really. I want to make the most out of my life, there is so much living I still need to do. Being at home has given me the time to focus on what I actually do want out of life. I’m 25, so the next step is very much on the cards. I would love to get on the property ladder.. another bonus this pandemic has had is, I’ve managed to stay on track with my savings. It’s probably helped that nothing has been open and texting my friends ‘Do you fancy pizza?’ has been off the cards.. so into my savings that money goes.

I’m a strong person

I mean, I’d like to say I’ve always known I’m a strong person. But being put in this position and getting through it the other side in better shape than before is something I’m extremely proud of. I mean mentally more than anything, it’s proven I can face things head on and come out the other end. I never really doubted how strong I was, but at the beginning of the pandemic it was a real struggle (which it was for many). I’ve managed to find many positives during this time and I’m proud of myself.. I’ve definitely grown as a person during these last few months.

I want to do blogging full time

Having LOTS of time on my hands meant that I could spend my time doing the things I love. Baking being one of them but most importantly blogging. I’m still learning and there is still so much I don’t know yet but I’ve spent an awful lot of time focusing on bettering my blog. I want to do this full time, being able to write about the things I love is the most freeing thing ever! I’ve always wanted to do something that I am passionate about.. that just so happens to be blogging.

My family are amazing

I honestly have no idea how I would have got through this if it wasn’t for my family. I know I mentioned about wanting to buy my own house soon but being at home surrounded by my family has been the best thing ever. We’ve made memories that will last a life time and we’ve been there for each other when we’re having a bad day. Every single day helping each other in any way we know how. We’ve baked a lot, watched near enough every single Disney film and of course harry potter, we’ve cooked, laughed and cried.. but I’ve loved every minute of it.

I don’t need to eat out that much

I was one of those people that would do anything to eat out.. I just love it. With restaurants being closed (they’ve recently opened), eating out wasn’t an option anymore. I discovered my love for home cooked meals and realised I actually don’t need to eat out as much as I did. I mean, of course I will be treating myself here and there. But from now on I will be eating at home way more often.

Humans can be pretty spectacular

Just as a whole, this ordeal has proven that humans can be blooming brilliant. I’ve seen some amazing things these past few months (along with some bad) and I will remember them forever. Some things that have made me proud, like how everyone in the country would stand at the front doors and clap for the NHS every Thursday at 8pm.. without fail. That one will go down in history and one day I will be able to tell my children about it. Captain Tom Moore raising £33 million pounds for the NHS is another that proves as humans, we can be pretty damn good. People all around the world have shown what it really means to be good people, helping whenever and wherever they can, caring for the vulnerable, being a shoulder to cry on.. the list is endless. But overall it has shown the generosity and just how pure our hearts can be and for that reason alone.. I’m extremely proud.

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