10 things that I am grateful for

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Gratitude is one of the most important things in our lives. I’m fully aware that day to day, we tend to forget and take things for granted.. I just wanted to share with you some of the things in my life that I am and always will be extremely grateful for.

I would recommend picking up a notebook and pen and writing down what you are grateful for. It’s a quick and easy way to remember what you do have, rather than dwelling on what you don’t have. I’ve always been one to try and acknowledge my gratitude’s as much as I possibly can during the day.. but for a little while now I have been making a conscious effort to repeat over and over in my head what I am grateful for, just before I go to sleep. It’s a technique I also recommend doing.. you fall to sleep thinking of all the amazing things and people you have in your life.. and honestly, there’s nothing better.

My family, friends and my dog

I feel like this is the most obvious thing to be grateful for, but equally the one we tend to take for granted. Our family, friends and pets are there every day, we’re so used to their company that we forget to really appreciate how special they are. It’s nice sometimes just to remind them how much they mean to you.. buy your mum a bunch of flowers ‘just because you love her’. Bake your friend their favourite cake ‘just because’. Buy your dog a new toy (not that they need any more) but just because they are there and you love them so treat them every now and then. These are the 3 things I say over and over before I go to sleep, they are what I am most grateful for in my life and always will be. It’s not just about buying the people you love things, just being there and really appreciating their company is good enough, tell them you love them.. always. Express your gratitude’s however and whenever you can.

Our health

Especially at a time like this, I think it’s important to remember how special our health is. Just like many others, I took it for granted. I’ve always appreciated the fact that my body is an amazing thing and can get me through anything, but when we are faced with something like we are today, living through a pandemic sure gives you a kick up the bum. It’s something that is always there so we tend to forget how important it is. Health is a major factor in living a good life, some have illnesses, some don’t.. we all have different experiences. So just remember to pay your gratitude’s to the wonderful thing we call health.

My job

Another thing which can really put things into perspective during a time like this.. our jobs. Many people all around the world have lost jobs through this pandemic (some people close to me), so by being one of those people who still have one when this is all over is something to be grateful for. Jobs are the main part of our lives that remains consistent, we need that job in order to live. So even if it’s a job you don’t love all that much, be grateful you have one. I know for a fact I am, I love my job..

My ability to manifest

You’ve probably heard of the terms ‘manifest’ and ‘law of attraction’. Well, I won’t go into specifics too much, but I am so very grateful for my ability to do this. It’s not something that has come easily to me, but something I have worked extremely hard on, because I have heard so many amazing things about. I appreciate that it isn’t for everyone (and if it isn’t, just skip this paragraph). But it plays a very prominent part in my life. I actively use it every single day, in order to get out of life, what I desire. I also understand that not everyone believes in it and that not everyone wants to manifest certain aspects of their lives, me though.. I do. So this is one more thing to add to my list, the law of attraction and the knowledge to be able to manifest.


I’ve been brought up in a family that really loves all things nature, the outdoors and travel. So I guess you could say this one comes naturally to me. But none the less, something I am extremely grateful for. Where would we be without the freedom to explore, travel the world, see beautiful sunsets and walk through fields of fresh green grass with the wind in our hair? Sat at home, that’s where. I think sometimes, because this is so readily available to us on a daily basis, we over look it and take it for granted. I’ve always loved going for long walks (whilst complaining my legs are hurting along the way) but anyway, it’s something that we should be actively be grateful for. Nature and travel are privileges, we should acknowledge this. I for one do.. every single time I go for a walk or get on a plane to go somewhere sunny. And when I have children, I will teach them to do the same.

My love for writing

I spoke about this briefly in a previous post. I’ve always loved writing but during my teenage years it got pushed to the bottom of my list of priorities up until I started this blog (just over a year ago). Once I started to put my all into my blog, I realised just how much I had missed it and how big of a part it played in my life. I always knew I was okay at writing (well that’s what my teachers told me) but I never did anything about it, until now. So I’m grateful for this blog, my writing ability, my passion for writing and most importantly my love for it. It’s such a good feeling when you can do something you love.


Is there anything better than dancing around your bedroom to your favourite music when you’re supposed to be getting ready for work.. the answer is no! Music has the ability to lift even the darkest of moods. It comes in so many different version, there is quite literally something for everyone. I’m one of those people that will have music on at near enough any point during the day. I could be doing some ironing, I’ll have music on. I could be driving, baking, drawing, thinking, getting ready, doing my hair, putting on my makeup.. literally any point throughout the day, if I can have music on, I will. The ability to listen and be moved by a piece of music is something to be grateful for on another level.. so if music is for you, say your gratitude’s.


Would this be an All Things Lois post if I didn’t mention books at least once? Absolutely not. Just being able to walk into a book shop, pick a book of your choosing, buy it and take it home to read is enough to be grateful for as it is. It’s probably fairly obvious as to why I am so grateful for books, but if it isn’t, I’ll explain anyway. I love reading, all types of reading and being able to get lost in a good book is something we should be grateful for.. my fellow book lovers will understand. So even though it is something you may think mmm it’s not really that relevant .. if it’s something you love or enjoy, it’s enough of a thing to be grateful for.

My goals

How amazing is it that if we set our minds to it, we can literally achieve anything our heart desires? I’m not necessarily talking big goals, it could just be simple little goals.. something you have always wanted to accomplish. But if it means something to you, it’s a goal.. no matter how small. So yes, just the sheer fact of having the option to achieve goals is something we should never ever take for granted. We tend to cruise through life and sometimes we forget about goals and how important they are. But they are something, that mixed with passion and determination can end up being something rather spectacular. So when you achieve a goal, think about a goal, or even accomplish a goal.. give your gratitude to it, they are worth it.

Make up and fashion

Just a simple one, but equally as important. The fact that we can walk into almost any shop and pick out something we want to wear for dinner that night is amazing! Along with books, I am obsessed with all things makeup and fashion (I don’t talk about it enough on my blog, but it’s coming don’t worry). I’m grateful that I can express myself through the items of clothing I wear and the makeup that I wear. This goes for all things fashion, shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories.. they’re all a piece of our personality. It’s just a way of us having it on show.

3 thoughts on “10 things that I am grateful for

  1. Thanks for sharing! I like that you repeat the three things you are grateful for before bed! What a great way to go to sleep-thinking about the positives rather than worrying about the negatives!

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