Make up brushes you all need

Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA on Unsplash

I think we can all agree that to get the most out of our makeup, we have to have a good set of brushes. It’s important to have a set of brushes that you know will never fail you, you can take everywhere with you and always know your makeup will look perfect..

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years trying out different brushes, and for the most part my most reliable are by the brand Real Techniques.. I did a post on these a little while ago, which you can check out here Why Real Techniques brushes are the ones for you

They don’t come cheap, but if you search around you may find them on offer (which is what we all love right?). I’ve got quite a collection but I thought I would share with you my favourites, my most trustworthy, hard working brushes..

Face brushes:

  • No7 – Powder brush – Set foundation with face powder
  • Bh Cosmetics – 30 – Either apply concealer to the centre of my face or to apply bb cream to my whole face – works amazing for both
  • Real Techniques – Stippling brush – Apply foundation with this brush
  • Real Techniques – Cheek brush – Apply blusher
  • Real Techniques – Fan brush – Apply highlighter
  • Bh Cosmetics – 2 – Fluffy brush to apply bronzer
  • Zoeva – 144 – Carve out cheek bones under bronzer and cheek contour
  • Zoeva – 110 – Set concealer

Eye brushes:

  • Real Techniques – Angled shadow brush – Use on crease
  • Zoeva – 232 – Pack on lid shadow
  • Real Techniques – Shading brush – Apply highlight to centre of face
  • Zoeva – 228 – Nose contour or crease of eye
  • Morphe – MB23 – Blend shadow and brow highlight
  • Real Techniques – Base shadow brush – Apply shadow to outer corner of eye
  • Morphe – E21 – Use on crease
  • No7 – Smokey eyeliner brush – Apply inner corner highlight
  • Zoeva – 142 – Apply base for eyeshadows

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