Beauty review – Duo brush on eyelash glue

I don’t think I’ve ever done a beauty review before.. but here goes, to trying new things..

I love all things beauty so I figured it would be a good idea to share my favourites but also review some products I’ve either recently tried or have loved for a while.

If you’re into makeup then you’re probably into false lashes. Lashes are the one thing that for me, ties the whole makeup look together. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wear them every single day. But when I want to look extra glam, I definitely reach for some false lashes.

So obviously, with wearing lashes, you need a really good reliable glue. We need our lashes to last the whole night and yes that also means when we’re out in the winter months and the wind and rain is absolutely adamant it’s going to ruin our makeup.. we still want our lashes to stay put.

I haven’t tried lots of different lash glues, just mainly because when I find something I like, I don’t usually feel it’s necessary to try new products. We have to be careful what products we put around our eyes.. they’re sensitive. So take extra care when trying new lash glues. I always test mine on the crease of my arm before hand, maybe the day before (they do this in salons when you are getting lashes applied professionally).

Duo lash glue is something I have used for years and pretty much the only glue I have ever used.. as well as the glue that comes with some lashes (that never seems to last more than a couple of hours). So I know Duo works well for me.

I’ve always used the one in the tube.. where you have to squeeze it out of the tube directly onto your lashes. I found it quite messy and frustrating so when I had used it all up I decided to try another glue in their range..

The one with the brush, it felt like my prayers had been answered. This meant no more struggling when it came to putting on my falsies. I’m aware this has been out for years and I have no idea why I haven’t used it before now (probably because the tube glue lasts forever, so I never really needed to until now).

Anyway, I just want to say, if you’re looking for a good, cheap, reliable lash glue that is easy to travel with and also won’t stick your fingers together when putting on your lashes, then give this one a go!

I won’t use any other from now on.. I’m obsessed!

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