Kaycey and me, everyone meet my dog!

I mentioned in a previous post not too long ago that I thought it was about time I introduced my dog to you.. so here she is!

This is my baby, my best friend and my whole entire world in the shape of a chubby little staffie! She is the light of my life and I absolutely adore her.

She is a staffordshire bull terrier, and before you click exit off this post, she is most definitely not what the media makes out. They don’t call them the ‘Nanny dog’ for nothing.. (google it). I would trust that puppy with my life!

I say puppy, she’s about to turn 13 this year (at the end of June). So she’s most definitely not a puppy, but you wouldn’t know this with the way she runs around the house. Aside from the grey hairs of course.

I know people prejudge staffies, and I’m actually not surprised, especially as the media like to bad mouth them. Everyone who meets her, falls in love with her right away. She is the cuddliest little dog and will do anything to sit on your knee (even if she doesn’t know you). Scratch behind her ears and you will have a best friend for life, I promise.

Dog’s in general are one of the most precious things to walk this earth and we are so unbelievably lucky to have them. And my dog, she is my supporter. Whenever I feel sad, upset or angry.. I go to her and everything feels better again. And when I’m happy and in an amazing mood, I go to her. Because one thing she does know how to do is party. Whenever I’m in a good mood, so is she (who am I kidding, she’s always in a good mood). She is always right by my side ready to celebrate and by celebrate I mean jump around the room with me for no other reason than my happiness.

That’s the beauty of dogs, all they want to do is make you happy.

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Another thing she is extremely good at is snoring so loud I cannot hear the TV. If you know of staffies or have one yourself, you will know they snore like no other. She’s a nap queen and the sound of her snore makes me want to snuggle up beside her and nap until our hearts are content.. this doesn’t help when I’m trying to get things done though.

I could sit here and write pages on pages about her, how much she makes me happy and how important dogs are to us, maybe I will one day. But for now I wanted to introduce her to you, so I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post.. (a little different to anything I’ve wrote before), but I’m sure you can make an exception for my little baby. She is laid right by my side as I write this post, so technically she participated too..

Lois and Kaycey x

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