How to relax when you are feeling stressed

Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash

First off, I really hope you are all living your best lives and keeping the stress to a minimum, because that’s what we all strive for isn’t it? But for those of you who may be having an off day, this post is for you. And I hope it helps even just a little bit..

Snuggle with a pet 

Would it be a Lois post if I didn’t mention pets at some point? Anyway, it’s a valid point and is backed up by science, just hop on the old google and you’ll see for yourself. Snuggling with your fur babies helps decrease stress in a matter of minutes. They are in my opinion the best way to create happiness, because well; they are happiness. Get comfy on your sofa and get a well needed cuddle off your pet. This is something I do on a daily basis and believe me it is the best form of de-stressing. Plus they love the attention, so win win I say.

Light a candle and meditate

If you’re not a candle type of person, then feel free to leave that part out. But meditation in all it’s forms can be used at practically any point during the day, not just when you’re feeling stressed. It is the perfect way of allowing your mind to have breather, which is something we all need when the day keeps on testing us. Find a guided meditation (I use Spotify or YouTube), put your headphones on and away you go. 10 minutes should do it.

Have a long soak

Pour that bubble bath in the tub like there is no tomorrow and enjoy a long soak. Not only is it relaxing, it is amazing for the mind and body. The heat from the water instantly relaxes all your muscles you’ve been holding so tensely (even if you didn’t realise you were). And the peace and quiet away from any outside distractions relaxes your mind and allows you to re focus and de-stress.

Talk to a loved one

This for me, is probably one of the most effective, aside from snuggling with my dog. Family, friends and loved ones are always there for you, no matter what. They are there not only to love you unconditionally but to support you whenever you may need it. They can be the voice of reason, helping you come to a conclusion. Whether it just be to talk something out, get it off your chest and in turn realise it wasn’t worth stressing over in the first place. Or help guide you to a solution, something we become blind to when we are feeling overwhelmed with stress. Loved ones are amazing, so having a nice chat with them can do you the world of good.

Put on soothing music

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but whenever I am feeling slightly stressed I like to put on some music I know will calm me down. This is usually something slow from my playlist or meditation music (waves, waterfalls, birds etc). These playlists and videos are made for the sole purpose of relaxing our minds. It’s a quick way of getting straight to the source of the problem.. our minds.

Do something that brightens your mood

We all have things in our lives that we know without a shadow of a doubt will make us happy. This could be anything from baking, playing videos games, dancing around the room, cleaning, gardening.. the possibilities are endless. A sure way of de-stressing is to do one of these. For me, it’s baking.. I just love it.

Go for a walk 

Honestly, there is nothing better than going for a nice walk to clear our minds. It doesn’t have to be anything major, a walk around your street will do. It’s the fresh air and the mental break that will do the trick. If you’re lucky enough to live close by to some amazing scenery, then take full advantage of this and watch your stress levels drop instantly.

Put your phone out of reach 

This one only applies if your phone is the cause of your stress. As I’ve mentioned before in a post, phones can cause upset and stress without us even realising. If this is the case, put your phone out of reach, there is absolutely no reason to keep adding to your stress by picking up your phone time and time again. Do something that brings you joy and if that isn’t from your phone, then it is best left alone.

Watch your favourite film

Get your comfies on, get settled on the sofa with a lovely cup of tea and watch a film that brings you joy. I’ll have to admit, mine would be a Disney film, they’re easy watching, not something that requires extreme attention and something I know will brighten my mood.

Yoga or a workout

Since starting my home workouts (the gyms are still closed) I’ve noticed a dramatic drop in my stress levels from day to day. I think it’s fair to say it’s widely known that exercise not only helps keep us healthy mentally and physically but helps us when feeling stressed. It’s a good way of getting out our frustrations whilst keeping our bodies active. If you don’t already, I recommend creating a little home workout regime, it doesn’t have to be anything major, just something you can do every day or whenever you feel stressed.

Yoga is also extremely helpful, 15-20 minutes of light yoga is a major stress reliever. It stretches out all those tense muscles and lets you relax. You may be a little achy afterwards, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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