Why I’m using my phone less

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

I just want to start off by saying, phones aren’t all bad.. they serve a very good purpose in our everyday lives so this isn’t me saying never use a phone ever again! Not at all, this is just a few reasons why I’m trying to use it less..

The first point I will mention is, majority of my procrastination comes at the hands of my phone. I don’t mean my phone jumps into my hands and therefore is the sole purpose of why I struggle with procrastination. I mean because of how much of a priority my phone is, it seems to be the reason I procrastinate so much (well used to).

I found that I would pick up my phone for one reason, maybe to search something on google and then end up spending 30 minutes meaninglessly scrolling. And just like that, 30 minutes of my day is over.. and what have I gained from it? Absolutely nothing.

I’m so used to picking up my phone, way more than I should and just scrolling endlessly through social media, that when it comes to actually getting some work done it’s hard to leave it alone. It used to be always right by my side, now I put it out of reach, this way I can’t physically ‘reach’ for it. I have to go out of my way to get it. And when you’re in the middle of a blog post, that’s not something you want to be doing.

Have you ever got a headache that you just can’t explain? You’re well hydrated, well rested and nothing is stressing you out but you still have a headache? Well it’s probably to do with your phone. I find the less I use it, the clearer my head is, and in turn.. no headaches. I’ve started to use the screen time feature to really track how much I use it on a daily basis… and well, that’s quite shocking. So now I keep it to a minimum. I obviously use it for work purposes and the odd social media scan, but other than that I try and leave it where it is.

While we’re on the subject of social media.. a lot of our free time is spent on there, using our phones of course. Social media can be a tough place to be sometimes (it’s not all bad). In fact many people make businesses through it, so I’m definitely not knocking it. All I mean is, without realising, we’re soaking in all the delights and sometimes the not so delightful information social media has to offer. This is simply because all the information we could ever need and want is right at our fingertips. So if you are feeling the strains of social media, try keeping it to a minimum, this way you are in control of what you see and when you see it.. we all have our limits.

Every now and then I have a phone free day. I don’t mean, lock it away and don’t use it for a full 24 hours (if that takes your fancy then feel free to do it), I just mean, I will leave my phone on my bedside table and only check it a couple of times a day. It is so refreshing not to have it glued to my hand permanently. I go about my day and more often than not, forget all about it.

During this lockdown I’ve been trying to stay off my phone as much as possible. Not because it is the worst thing in the world, but just because there are plenty of better things I could be doing. Like going for a walk, painting that fence that has been staring at me for the past year, making my own vegetable garden (tomatoes, strawberries) that sort of thing. There is a fun world outside of our phones believe it or not.

I realised when I was with family and friends, I would still use my phone an awful lot. And if I have learnt anything from this lockdown it is to be more present and in the moment. This means when sitting with my family, having a conversation, my phone should not be in my hand. It’s not only extremely rude and inconsiderate but also a waste of time. Quality time with our family and loved ones is far more important than what is going on in the social media world.. that can save for another time. So as of now, I am far more present and definitely do not go on my phone when it isn’t needed.

They are amazing little things, that are extremely powerful and useful to our lives. But there is a line you should not cross, and that is to not let in consume your life.

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