How to make the most out of your mornings

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Up until recently I haven’t been much good at making the most out of my mornings..

It turns out, getting up early, jumping in a quick shower, putting your makeup on and getting out of the house on time is not what really counts as ‘making the most’ of your mornings.

We all live busy lives and being in a hurry kind of becomes the norm. I know this, because that was once me. That’s just life and sometimes it’s hard to break the routine..

I understand we get busy and it just seems like we don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done, believe me I am with you. But on the days when you have a little more time to spare, maybe the weekend or on a well deserved day off, use some of these ideas and I promise you will make the most out of your mornings;

First off, get a good nights sleep; This goes without saying. To be able to have any kind of good day, you need enough sleep. The better quality of sleep you get the easier it will be to get right up out of bed and crack on with the day ahead.

Wake up early; If you can, wake up a little earlier than usual. Obviously this may require you going to bed earlier (in order for you to get a full 8 hours). I usually get up around 6.30am, this way I have plenty of time to get the things done that I know will benefit my morning and in turn, my day.

Do not go on social media; If there’s one point I want you to follow, it’s this one. Leave your phone alone, you have all day to check Instagram, first thing in the morning is not that time! Allow yourself to wake up properly and prepare for the day ahead without the world of social media coming stumbling into your mind.

Say some positive affirmations; Google ‘positive affirmations’ or make up your own. Either way, say them. They work wonders for your self esteem. Just a few affirmations will set you right up for the day, no negativity over here guys!

Meditation; 5 minutes will do, or 10 minutes if you can stretch to it. Get on your favourite guided mediation and sink into the world of calm and relaxation.. before you even think about leaving your bed.

Snuggle with your pet; Let’s face it, if there is ever a perfect way to begin your morning, it’s by snuggling up for an extra 5 minutes with your fur babies. They ooze happiness and love and that is what we all need on a daily basis. So get the cuddles and make the most of your morning.

Grab a coffee or a smoothie; Coffee if you’re a caffeine kinda girl like me or a smoothie if you’re feeling extra healthy. That first drink in the morning sets you off for the day. I’m definitely trying to have more smoothies than coffees these days, but it’s a work in progress, you know.

Eat something yummy for breakfast; My go – to at the moment is protein pancakes, I’m just obsessed.. chocolate pancakes with a drizzle of honey, a spoonful of greek yoghurt and a few blueberries to top it off.. ahh perfect. No matter how busy your mornings are, NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST!

Yoga or a workout; If you’ve mastered the art of fitting absolutely everything into your morning before you even have to leave for work, then you may as well throw in a workout or a spot of yoga. It doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous but just 10 minutes is one sure way of bossing your morning.

Get yourself ready; Shower, do your hair, put your makeup on. Make yourself feel good. If you’re like me and absolutely love putting make up on, make the time for it. Move your routine around to make sure you have the time to do something you love in the morning, another thing that works wonders for your self esteem.

Prepare yourself for the day ahead; I usually do this the night before, but if you’ve got time to spare in the morning, you could just do it then. Get your books/work/laptop whatever it is, ready for your day. Organisation is key remember.

Check your to – do list and off you go; So I’m saying to – do list like everyone in the world has them, they definitely don’t. I’m the only person I know that has one, but that’s because I’m obsessed with being organised (it’s not a bad thing). I just like to know what I’m doing, so this is for the fellow organised people, if you have one. Take one last look at it and off you go..




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