A happy list

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For a while now I’ve been wanting to write about the things in my life currently that make me happy.

I’m understanding of what is happening in the world right now but I figured as far as blogs are concerned it would be nice for you to read something that could put a little smile on your face.

When you’ve finished reading this post I want you to grab a piece of paper and a pen (or your phone notes will do) and write down everything that makes you happy. It may be small things that you sometimes dismiss or forget about, but write it down anyway. Then when you’re having a not so good day, look back at it. A nice little reminder of everything you have that makes you happy despite how you are feeling.

So for the things that make me happy;

My dog: She’s called Kaycey, she’s my best friend and honestly I have no idea what I would do without her. I could ramble on about her all day but I won’t.. that can save for another post. It feels like the right time to introduce her to you all anyway.

Seeing my friends and family happy: I get so much enjoyment from seeing my loved ones happy, seeing them thrive and live their lives to the fullest. Seeing them happy, makes me happy.

Blogging: It would be kinda strange if I didn’t have this on my list right? Blogging over the last couple of years has been the one thing that has never altered. It is something that I absolutely LOVE doing, if I could spend my entire time writing up blog posts, believe me I would.

Animals in general: Animals are just the best aren’t they? The answer is yes, absolutely. I’m a massive animal person so even the smallest of things like watching cute videos of highland cows running around in a field brings me so much happiness.

Nature/walks: This ones probably obvious, I’ve banged on about walking enough in my previous posts. Just being outside, in the fresh air, surrounded by trees and listening to the birds singing. That’s my kind of perfect.

Me: Yep you read that right.. me, myself and I. I make myself happy and honestly this should be one of our priorities throughout life. So whenever you are writing a happy list, this should most definitely be on there.

Exploring: I love going to new places, making new memories and just generally exploring. Holidays are one of my favourite things to do, whether it be in the countryside surrounded by sheep or on a beach somewhere exotic, either way it makes me happy.

Sunshine: When I wake up on a morning, the one thing that makes it better is seeing the sunshine peeping through my blinds. It’s everything, my mood automatically becomes calmer and in turn happier. Sunshine, you little beauty.

Progress in life: It feels great whenever you are progressing in life. It could be in your career, relationships or maybe just progressing with your fitness. Whatever it is, it feels amazing. Knowing you are one step further to reaching your goal is what it’s all about.

Successful manifesting: If you didn’t already know, I’m big on manifesting. It’s right up there with things that make me happy. Is there anything better than finally getting something you have always wanted? When all your hard work, determination and perfect alignment comes together it creates the most beautiful thing.

Fashion: I just love fashion, all though there isn’t much of it on my blog at the moment (the content is coming don’t worry). I find just simply looking through clothes online brings me happiness, seeing all the new styles, pieces, accessories coming out regularly gives me the perfect excuse to treat myself once again. Seeing an outfit come together and feeling like a bad baby gal while wearing it is right up there!

Although there are SO many more things that contribute to my happiness and bring me so much joy on a daily basis, I figured I wouldn’t drag this post out any longer than it needs to be.

I guess all I’m saying is, we as people have so much in our lives to be thankful for, we just sometimes forget about it. But that’s OK, this is your own personal reminder.

I hope you are all staying safe and well,

Lois x


One thought on “A happy list

  1. I once read something that said we should actually own our own happiness, this is so great! I’ve never actually owned my own happiness and taken it upon myself to create a list of things that make me happy so I can stop depending on others for that. LOve your list by the way, I love dogs too haha

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