The pressure of buying your first home

Photo by Magda V on Unsplash

It’s a big deal isn’t it? For me, someone who is yet to buy my first home, it’s a little bit daunting, but equally as exciting.

I recently turned 25, so technically (as far as society is concerned) I should be well into the process of buying my first home, or at least have moved into rented accommodation.. just to see what it is really like living alone.

As far as money is concerned I’ve been doing my best to save as much as possible over the past year or so but all while still enjoying my life before I take the next big step. (A step I am very much looking forward to). The money side of it is probably the only thing that really matters to begin with, you just need enough money for a deposit on a house and a regular income to afford a mortgage.

To begin with, the money part kind of freaked me out, I got so wrapped up in my head thinking how on earth am I going to afford all this? But then I realised putting money away into a savings account is the easy part.. The serious stuff comes after.

Then the next part is deciding where you want to live. Do you want to be near family and friends? Do you want to move to the city? House or apartment?.. the questions are endless, but this has been the fun part for me. I absolutely love opening up Rightmove and searching through all the possible houses.

Many of my decisions have been made just by having a nosey at houses. I want land, I want enough land so I can have animals. I want a big enough space for my self and my future family to grow into. I want to be near my loved ones. I want a bright space with lots of windows and to be surrounded by trees. Like I said before, this is the fun part. Let your imagination run wild for a little while.

The thought of decorating my own house is by far one of the best! I get to choose all the colour schemes, how many dogs I want (you better believe my home will be filled with puppies). I get to choose my dining sets, my furniture, how many pictures I hang on the walls… all of it, because it will be mine.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t allow the pressure of society or sometimes family to take the fun out of buying your first home. This is an exciting step we all get to take in life, we should make it as fun as possible.

Save as much as you can, put money into savings accounts so it doesn’t get spent on pizza. Make smarter financial decisions, but all while living your life right now. Look into potential properties, ask for advice off friends and family. Make lists of what you want.. but most importantly enjoy the process, buying your first home should be one of the most exciting times in your life.


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