Book Review – The holiday cottage by the sea

Just recently I’ve been absolutely loving reading fiction/romance novels. As you probably gathered from my previous book reviews, I’m usually a thriller and self help book kind of girl.

But it’s been a breath of fresh air to read something different but enjoy it just as much. I’ve read a couple of romance novels in the past but not as many as I would have liked.

Since reading this I’ve found my love for a different kind of fiction book. So like true Lois style, I’ve been searching the internet looking for new books just waiting to be purchased. I’ve found a couple that look like they are right up my street and I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m back on here telling you what I think about them.

Like I said before, this is not my usual type of book. But none the less an amazing read! I fell in love with this book and the characters right from the start. It has such a sweet, lovable story line that grips you from the very beginning.

It became my sunbathing book, whenever I was out enjoying the sunshine that the UK has been blessing us with lately, I had this book in one hand and a gin and lemonade in the other. There’s just something about reading whilst sunbathing… it’s a bit of me.

When I got this book, I’ll admit I wasn’t holding out too much hope, just because it was an author I had never heard of before but mainly because there was no kind of acknowledgment on it being a best seller. Not that being a best seller is essential, but I tend to go for books which have ‘best seller’ on the front cover. I’ve learnt my lesson on this one though, there are indeed some hidden gems. After a little research I realised she is actually a best selling author.. but I found that out after I had finished the book and had already come to that conclusion all by my self.

But honestly… why this book isn’t a best seller is beyond me! I will definitely be doing a little research on her other books and most probably be purchasing a few more.. You know me, if I like something, I just want more.


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