Spending my 25th birthday in lockdown

So, just as lockdown began, I realised there was a very strong chance I would be spending my birthday in some kind of isolation..

I’m one of those girls that love to prolong my birthday, I’ll celebrate for as long as I can with friends and family. I’ll do numerous things and spend majority of my birthday catching up with friends and all round having the best time.

This year was a little different (we’re still in full lockdown and social distancing). This meant seeing family and friends was practically impossible.. apart from my mum and sister who I live with.

Every single year, without fail, my mum makes the most effort for my birthday. So this year was no different. I came down stairs to be greeted by my family and my dog (who is still the best present I have ever received).


They had decorated the house for me, banners and balloons everywhere and on the table were some cards and presents. Once I’d opened everything, we had our breakfast sat outside in the back garden, something a little different to the standard day. The sun was beaming even at 8.30 in the morning, so it seemed only right to make the most of it.


I got myself ready and the next thing, the most beautiful flowers were delivered to my door. (I’m a sucker for a bunch of flowers). Then not long after, my best friend surprised me by coming to see me (following strict social distancing of course). She brought me some gifts and my big 25 balloons. It made my day, we’d not seen each other in 3 months, so it was a long awaited catch up, even if we couldn’t sit close.


Like I mentioned before, my mum always makes the most effort for my birthday so this year as we couldn’t go out to celebrate, she brought the celebrations to me. This meant she had prepared us an afternoon tea, followed by a birthday cake. We’re a baking kind of family so cakes are kind of our thing. My mum baked and I decorated (my own cake I know, but I enjoy it so it only seemed right).


Usually in the UK, summers aren’t much of a thing. We tend to get a few days, sometimes a week throughout the year where we can actually do some sunbathing. This year has been very different. Since being in lockdown we have probably had one of the nicest springs in a long time. So this year for my birthday I was actually able to do a bit of sunbathing.

After quite a few hours soaking up the sun, we decided to have a barbeque.. it’s what you do when the sun is blaring, right? Then when the sun was setting we decided it was the perfect time to sit out in the garden (it was still warm out) and watch a film on Netflix. This is something we never normally do together.

So as much as I worried about how good my birthday would be this year. I can actually say it was probably one of my best yet. Spending quality time with my family, enjoying eachothers company. But most importantly using this time to be grateful of our health and to create memories I will remember forever.. and that is just what I wanted.

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