How I think of blog post ideas

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This was one of those things that when I first started blogging, would fry my brain (to put it simply). I had this overwhelming feeling that my posts had to be absolutely perfect or nobody would read them..

They have to be worth the read, don’t get me wrong.. but as a relatively new blogger, I’m still learning.

So I would sit and search the internet for blog post ideas (I feel like this is what all new bloggers probably do). Scouring google and pinterest for hours on end to make sure I had the best blog posts I could possibly write, searching ‘blog post ideas’ and picking out the best.

I’ll admit I have done this in the past but as of now I’m pretty sure I’ve found my own niche and what posts work for me. But if I’m having a really bad brain fog day and none of my posts seem to fit at that time, I may pop on pinterest and see if there is any ideas I could use.

But for the most part, my blog posts are made from my own mind. I’m definitely one of those people that throughout the day, will see something or hear something and I’ll think yep that would be a great idea for a blog post.. So I write it down in my phone under the ‘Blog posts ideas’ note and keep it there for future use.

Another little useful tip is brainstorming. I try and do this once a month or more often if the mood takes me. I get a blank piece of paper, write down my subject in the middle.. so for example; fashion. Then I pull off ideas from there, such as; fashion trends I’m loving at the minute, date night outfits, throwback outfits, best accessories, street style haul, why I love jewellery, which statement trainer we should all buy, etc.. (you get the idea). This is the easiest way to bounce ideas around and see which ones you want to use.

One of the simplest ways I come up with blog post ideas is by looking around my room for inspiration. I look through my make up collection and can come up with a number of ideas; favourite palettes, must have makeup, what’s in my makeup bag. I have a nosey at all my books I’ve accumulated over the past few years and there we are; goodness knows how many book reviews, my favourites, self help books, my most read, etc. This goes for almost anything, clothes, shoes, jewellery, things I do (meditate, exercise, yoga, home decor). The ideas are all there, waiting to be wrote about.. you just have to be a little more open minded and the ideas will come flooding through.

I also go off what previous posts have had the most interaction (I know you guys love them). So I take what I know is good and work from them, change them up a bit, write something similar. It’s an amazing way of keeping my blog fresh and filled with content I know you enjoy reading.

I guess you could say it’s just better not to over think it (like I did in the beginning). Let the ideas flow naturally, this way it will be your best work.


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