Fashion trends I’ll still be wearing this summer

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

I’m not usually a ‘Fashion trend’ type of girl, I just go with what I like..

If I see something and I like it, I’ll buy it and wear it with confidence. I don’t tend to follow many trends, well not intentionally anyway. I love fashion but I love my own individual style.

But there are some trends I do like. I say ‘Trends’, they’re more statement pieces or fashion I still like and enjoy wearing even if they aren’t around that much any more, you know?

Satin skirt
I feel like satin skirts are still a thing.. well in my wardrobe they are. I own a couple, my favourite being a mini length in a light khaki colour, which I bought from ASOS to take on my holiday to Santorini last year. It’s a very versatile skirt that I can wear with almost any top. I love how classy and effortless satin skirts look, minimal effort but a beautiful outfit.

This is one of those, you either love it or you hate it. But me, I love it. Don’t get me wrong I won’t wear everything neon, but a full black outfit paired with a pair of neon pink heels and nail polish to match.. that’s a bit of me. I like a little hint of neon every now and then, especially during the summer months.

Over sized blazer 
Blazers in general are what I LOVE to wear! Any excuse to wear a blazer and I will.. An over sized one, even better. Pair it with some high waisted trousers, a belt to pull it in at the waist and you’re good to go. Over sized blazers are perfect for those summer evenings, drinking cocktails with your girls. Classy but with a hint of sass.

Tulle skirts 
These skirts are just so damn cute! There are so many different style tulle skirts but they definitely stand out more during the festival season. Paired with a pair of nike air force ones and a bralet.. perfect outfit for dancing around on a field. But they also they look amazing with a pair of heels, some statement jewellery and you’re all ready for date night with your boo. See, versatile, everyone loves a piece you can get away with wearing multiple times.

Ditsy print 
I’m just a ditsy print girl, you know. It’s one of those prints, that for me, never goes out of fashion. I feel like every year they bring out something new with a ditsy print, we even have ditsy print shoes now.. not that I own a pair. But you never know what the future holds. It’s just a simple, cute print that makes you look extremely girly and I’m here for that.

One tone outfits 
Is there anything more aesthetically pleasing than a one tone outfit? The answer is no.. I love a full outfit in just one colour. Black is usually my go-to. An all black outfit with a bright red lip.. perfect. So sophisticated and classy, which is what we all want right? This is one of those trends that I will definitely be wearing much more of this year and for the foreseeable, I just cannot see it ever going out of fashion.

Barely there heels 
So this could mean, clear perspex heels or the ones that look like they can barely hold onto your feet (you know the ones). It’s the simplicity of them that draws me in, even now. You can have an all out there outfit and pair it with a pair of perspex heels and you will look like the baddest gal ever! So yes, barely there heels are a 100% for me!

Street style
By street style I mean; a pair of joggers, hoody to match, a pair of nike air force ones, with a blazer over the top and a hat.. just for good measure. A comfortable, trendy, edgy outfit. Street style seems to be getting better and better as time goes on. So another trend that will more than likely be sticking around for a long time to come.. especially for me!

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