Beauty Bay makeup haul

I’m so excited to be writing a post about a makeup haul… it’s been a long time!

I can’t remember the last time I ordered some makeup online. I’ve been putting it off for a while, just purely because of the whole situation at the moment. But I figured, now was the perfect time to treat myself to some new bits.

I did plan on going a little more crazy with the amount I ordered.. but majority of the things I wanted were out of stock. So that gives me another excuse to place another order right?

When I’m buying new makeup online, I always go to Beauty Bay first. Just because they have all the brands I would choose all in one place.

It’s a site I’ve ordered from quite a few times (okay lots more than a few). But makeup is addictive.. Anyway, one of the main reasons I go to beauty bay when ordering makeup, is because they have lots of cruelty free brands all in one place. They even have a filter which allows you to select cruelty free brands and search through them all in one go. Rather than having to keep googling the brand to check every time you come across something you like.. it just makes makeup shopping so much easier!

So, on to the products I actually bought;

  • Beauty Bay EYN bright matte 9 colour palette – £6.50
  • Makeup Revolution wispy lashes, flutter – £2.95
  • Makeup Revolution neon nail polish, zesty – £3.95
  • Makeup Revolution neon nail polish, bang on – £3.95
  • Makeup Revolution conceal + define supersize concealer, c1 – £4.95 – x2
  • Makeup Revolution satin kiss lipliner, cutie – £4
  • Makeup Revolution satin kiss lipliner, decadence – £4


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