How I store my necklaces

How annoying is it when you put your necklaces into your jewellery box, go to wear it the next day and it’s managed to tangle itself around every other item of jewellery you own?

Well, this being my motivation to finding another way of storing my necklaces..

I’ve got a small bedroom (in the UK we call it the box bedroom).. the smallest one in the house. So space isn’t something I have much of. But it’s fine, I work with what space I do have.

Having multiple sets of drawers with jewellery hangers on top is something I can’t do just yet (at some point in the future when I’m in my mansion).. just putting it out there. So I had to find a way of storing my necklaces that didn’t end with them being tangled together every single time.

I’ve got a full wall of wardrobes, full to the brim with clothes and accessories. Perfect bit of storage for such a small room. Inside there are many different compartments and quite a lot of space.

One day I just had this idea to hang my necklaces in my wardrobe. So they would be out of the way but in reach whenever I may need them.

I bought a set of 5 plastic stick on hooks, what you would usually use to hang tea towels or keys on in your kitchen (there multi purpose, so you could use them however you want). They were from a shop called Poundland, so near enough everything is a pound.. including the hooks.

I got them in a medium size, just the right size to fit inside my wardrobe without them being too bulky. I use 3, they are stuck to the inside of one of my doors in my wardrobe, out of sight but right there where I need them.

On one hook, I have my most used necklaces, the ones I would reach for on a daily basis. On the second hook, I have my layered necklaces, the ones already layered together for me. And on the third hook, I have my extra bits of costume jewellery, the ones I don’t reach for all that much but are there if I ever want to wear them.

They are perfectly stored, on temporary hooks (so I can take them off at any time). And honestly I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.. all those years of untangling my necklaces on what seemed to be a daily basis.

If you’re struggling with the frustrating reality of necklaces getting stuck together, try this little hack. It’s inexpensive, so easy to do and won’t cause any damage to any of your furniture.

It’s one of the best ideas I’ve had, if I do say so myself.

One thought on “How I store my necklaces

  1. Such a good idea! I have been staring at my tangled necklaces and an empty space on my wall trying to figure out the best way to make them look more organised and this is perfect! 🙂

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