My top 3 self help books

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As you probably already know, self help books are my thing. I love them, all different types. If there’s a new release I’ve just heard about.. you bet I’ll be doing my research to see if it could be a potential buy.

But no matter how many I buy and read I will always have my favourites, my go-to books. There are just some that are timeless and are ultimate must buys.

I’ve done individual reviews on all 3 books listed below but because of my love for them they deserved an additional post, you know.. just to make it clear. I’ll link them all below, if you fancy a read.

Why I’m reading The Secret

Book Review – You are a badass

Good vibes – Good life: Book review

So, my top 3 are; The secret – by Rhonda Byrne, You are a badass – by Jen Sincero, Good vibes Good life – by Vex king.

The secret – by Rhonda Byrne

This was my first ever self help book. I’d heard so many people speak about it that I just had to get it. And from then on I have been obsessed with any kind of self help book (there are many). This triggered my obsession with bettering my life and my mental state. The secret is the book that either starts you on your self help journey or the book you read, think is a load of rubbish and just throw to the side. Either way, it always begins with this book. You just have to give it a read before you make up your mind.

I refer back to this book almost on a daily basis. It’s like my own little helper just in a book form. There are many more books these days, but none that compare to this. It is a simple read (if you have an open mind). But also full of all the good stuff you need to improve your life. If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend giving it a read.

You are a badass – by Jen Sincero

This was also one of the first self help books I read, maybe the third, I can’t quite remember. Anyway, I’d seen a lot about this book when doing the obvious thing and googling ‘self help books’. So I was amazed when I came across it in a shop one day for a reduced price.. bonus, I know.

It’s cleverly written and I guess you could say a funnier version of The Secret. If you’ve read them both, you’ll know what I mean. The points and techniques are very clear and easy to follow but with humor throughout this book, making it that bit better to read. A fun light hearted self help book but equally as informative. This is a book I need to read again, but for now my mum is reading it (she’s on the self help book band wagon too).

Good vibes Good life – by Vex king

This book is one of the newest to my collection, but that doesn’t stop it from being up there with the best self help books I’ve ever read. Again, I heard lots about this book and knew it would be just up my street. It’s relatable and so easy to read, nothing at all complicated about it.

If you’re looking for a book that will give you all the tips and information you may need but don’t want to dive straight in at the deep end, give this book a go. It is the perfect book for anyone wanting to improve their mind. This book stays out at all times (along with the other two). This way I can go to it whenever I need to, skip to whichever chapter I need and always know I will get the answers I want. Sounds a little crazy but this book really put things into perspective for me, but in the easiest, none stressful way.


I’ve got a couple more books that are definitely worth the read, but for me, these three are my all time favourites!

2 thoughts on “My top 3 self help books

  1. The secret & you are a badass are 2 of my favourite books! You should try Big Magic and the John Parkin ‘F*ck It’ series too if you get a chance❤


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