Matte lip V Glossy lip

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash

Let me just start off by saying.. I love them both.

It’s one of those decisions that I usually find very easy to decide.. gloss lip, obviously. But sometimes I do fancy a matte lip. I feel like matte lip was all the rage a couple of years ago, they still are now to a certain extent. But brands have definitely stepped up there gloss game recently.

When matte lips were the thing, I collected quite a few, probably a few too many but we live and learn hey? Anyway, glosses were put on the back burner and I ALWAYS wore a matte lip. No matter the occasion, season, event, whatever it may be, you would find me wearing a bright matte lip (usually red).

My love for matte lips probably stemmed from the Mac – Ruby woo days. If you know, you know..

Then one day I got up, put on my makeup like I usually would and opted for a glossy lip rather than a matte one. I just all of a sudden stopped wearing matte lipsticks and have only used them a handful of times since.

I dug out my glosses and started adding to that collection instead. And again, I’ve accumulated quite a few. I just feel like gloss alters my makeup look so much more. It gives me that yass my makeup looks cute kinda feeling, you know? A full glam makeup look, glitter eye lids, lashes and then topped off with my favourite butter gloss by NYX, (if you’ve read my previous posts on lipgloss you’ll know which one I’m talking about).

So now when shopping in store or online, I gravitate to any glosses that look like my kind of thing. Usually nude, with a hint of sparkle and a bright gloss thrown in there every now and then.

If I’m wearing a matte lip, let’s say Ruby woo by Mac, more often than not I will add a gloss over the top. So I get the intense colour from the lipstick but with a more wearable, movable finish.

But, I will always have love for matte lips, they will always be in my collection. And let’s be honest, I’ll probably still be collecting them in years to come..



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