Yankee Candles we all need

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

So today we’re talking all things candles.. well Yankee candles anyway.

I love candles, perfumes, diffusers.. that sort of thing. Anything that can bring a scent into my home, or to me. Fragrance is another love of mine.

So as soon as I knew what a scented candle was, you better believe I started collecting them. I’ve accumulated quite a few over the years. Most of which are put away ready for when I move into my own house.

I like my space to smell fresh and welcoming. So once I’ve cleaned my room, the last thing I do is light a candle.

Yankee candles are my go to candle, just because they have such a big range of scents and aren’t too expensive (compared to some). I wouldn’t say I’ve tried lots of different candles, I usually stick to what I know. But I do definitely have my favourites.

My family and friends know how much I appreciate a nice candle, so for birthdays and Christmas, I usually get a few as gifts. But I also tend to buy them in store myself. Yankee candles can be a little pricey, depending on the size. But if you do a little hunting around you will probably come across them in discount stores or outlets. They’re exactly the same, just with a bit of money off.

I like a strong scent, that’s the whole point of having a candle isn’t it?

Obviously if you’re buying a candle, you want to be able to smell it around your home. So good quality candles are the only way forward. I’ll list a few below of my absolute faves;

  • Vanilla cupcake
  • Soft cotton
  • Pink sands
  • Tangerine & vanilla
  • Grapefruit
  • Shea butter

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