How I clean my makeup brushes

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

It’s that time that we all dread, but feel so much better when it’s done.. cleaning our makeup brushes.

I wear makeup daily (not right now due to lockdown). But usually I will wear makeup on a daily basis. Not always a full glam, but enough to warrant my brushes being cleaned regularly.

Spot cleaning is probably the simplest way of cleaning them on a day to day basis. It’s an effective way of making sure our brushes are clean without having to spend ages at the bathroom sink.

I use a brush cleanser from Superdrug which costs £4.99. It’s by a brand called B.Cosmetics. I’ve always used this, ever since I changed from the Mac brush cleaner. It leaves brushes spotless and soft.

As you probably already know, you can only spot clean a number of times before it gets to the point where your makeup brushes need a deep clean. This is the worst part for me. It’s time consuming and it means I have to spend ages at the bathroom sink cleaning every single brush I’ve used over the course of a couple of weeks.

I have quite a few brushes (I’ve collected them over the years). So it can be a bit of a tedious task. BUT they need doing..

When I’m deep cleaning my brushes, I use a couple of different things (depending what I have at that time). Sometimes I will use a normal bar of soap. This can be anything you have in the bathroom (dove). Sometimes I use antibacterial hand wash, preferably a moisturising one. Or I use an antibacterial hand soap (dettol).

Either of these will do, or you could use something else you have. As long as it isn’t a harsh soap it should be just fine.

For a long time I would wash my brushes with a bit of soap on my hands, it always worked perfectly well for me. But recently I decided to try a brush cleaning matt. I bought two, both from Primark and both very inexpensive, around £3. One for using at home and another the perfect size to take on holiday with me.

Then when my brushes are free of all that glitter eye shadow, I lay them on a towel and leave to dry over night. Sometimes, I will go the extra mile and clean the handles of the brushes. This is really quick and easy. Just grab a makeup wipe and gently remove any excess makeup that might be clinging to your makeup brushes.

Set them to dry and they’re ready for the next round of glam makeup.


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