Nail polishes perfect for summer

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

I’ve had acrylics on for the past 3/4 years.. up until now. With lockdown controlling our movements and none essential businesses having to temporarily close, acrylic nails have become a distant memory. (But it’s okay, it’s for the best).

I honestly cannot remember the last time I sat and painted my own nails. Up until a few weeks ago, you would never see me without my nails done.

I’m one of those girls that has to have some colour on my nails, my hands look strange without it. So I decided to dig out my old nail polishes and have a go myself.

Honestly, I forgot how fun it was.. Want to change your colour ever single day? No problem, you can definitely do that with regular polish. Want to wear 10 different colours all at once? You can do that also.

I’m not saying once the nail salons are able to open back up again, I won’t be going straight for a fresh set of acrylics doing. But for now, painting them myself is just fine.

Some of the colours I’d completely forgot I had and thought it would be fun to share some of my favourites, which I’ll be wearing during the summer months. My collection is quite old so I apologise if some are no longer available.

  • Barry M – Ballerina
  • Barry M – Berry
  • Barry M – Gold coast
  • Kiko – 492 (no name)
  • Barry M – Yellow
  • Barry M – Pink flamingo
  • Barry M – Starlet
  • Barry M – Strawberry
  • Revolution – Boom Boom
  • Barry M – Nude
  • Barry M – Matt white
  • Barry M – Whimsical dreams
  • Barry M – Peach Melba
  • Kiko – 372 (no name)
  • Barry M Gelly – Blueberry
  • Essie – 302 (no name)
  • Barry M – Fortune teller
  • Barry M – Mint green

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