All about my favourite moisturisers

Photo by ANDI WHISKEY on Unsplash

Skincare is one of those things I know I should spend more time on, but just never seem to. I’ve always been more of a makeup girl than a skincare girl, you know?

Over the years I’ve definitely experimented a little more. But because my skin can be sensitive, especially on my face I don’t try that many new products, (I probably should, but I’m a creature of habit). I mostly find something that suits my skin and stick to it.

One thing I have found though is moisturisers that are perfect for my skin type! I won’t be using anything different for the forseeable.

I started trying to find the perfect moisturiser years ago, to put on just after I’ve washed my face, ready for my makeup. At that age, my skin was changing by the day so getting something all round perfect, proved to be quite difficult.

As I’ve gotten older, my skin has calmed down and seems to generally stay the same throughout the year. This made it easier to find a moisturiser I could use all year round. Something lightweight, inexpensive, glowy and all round amazing.

For my face I use a Vitamin E, SPF 15 moisturising day cream for normal to dry skin. I get it from Superdrug, usually in store but you can order it online. I swear by this moisturiser, I need something that isn’t going to interfere with my makeup and something I can put on on those no makeup days. It’s £3.99, which is amazing price for such an amazing product, that will last you months, if not the best part of a year.

For my body I use a Vitamin E, All over body cream for normal to dry skin. Which also is £3.99, this product is much bigger than the face moisturiser but for the same price. I do sometimes get dry patches on my skin, usually in the colder months and this definitely helps keep them under control. I sometimes wear fake tan so I also needed something that would hydrate my skin enough, ready for a layer of fake tan. This is also bought in Superdrug and online.

I have spoken about this brand before on my blog, but I just figured it was worth the mention again. It’s Superdrug home brand, which means it is also Cruelty Free. So if you’re looking for something cheap, easy to use, reliable and that doesn’t test on animals, it might be worth giving this a go.


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