Makeup bag essentials

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

I’ve got a makeup bag full to the brim with makeup, but there are some things I just couldn’t live without. Some makeup, some accessories that make putting my face on, that bit easier.

Eyelash curlers 
I use these every single day, without fail. They are perfect for makeup free days, full glam days and help to make my natural eye lashes look thicker when I’m adding a pair of falsies. I guess they can be seen as an unnecessary step, but one that works for me. I’m pretty sure you can buy them in almost any beauty store or online. They are inexpensive but work wonders for my eyelashes.

Clear lip gloss
I feel like in every makeup bag there is a simple clear lip gloss. The gloss that stays in there for whatever the occasion. I love a bright lipstick but more often than not you’ll find me wearing a clear gloss. Usually one with a little bit of sparkle to it, but one that can make any makeup look, look that bit better. I’ve probably got far too many in my collection but they’re just so pretty!

Face moisturiser
I use a moisturiser from Superdrug (UK). It’s perfect for my skin type and adds a little bit of glow to my skin on those not so glowy days. It’s perfect for underneath makeup and also makeup free days. Make sure to get one with spf in, to help protect your skin from every day weather. It’s a step I never fail to take and one item you will always find in my makeup bag.

Eye cream 
This one isn’t a ‘must do’ but something I feel makes my makeup base sit better. Eye creams moisturise underneath our eyes, so that when we add concealer, foundation and anything powder, it doesn’t crease. I always found that underneath my eyes would be the first place my makeup would start to wear off, but since using eye cream.. it doesn’t. Find an eye cream for your skin type, it doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just something with lots of moisture to prevent creasing and also ageing.

I sometimes wear concealer on it’s own. Those days where I cannot be bothered to wear a full face of makeup but still need to look presentable. I apply it on my T-zone and any problem areas, set it with a bit of face powder and I’m good to go. You’ll probably already know which is my favourite (Makeup Revolution), I swear by this concealer. I’ve never found one that works as well as this one does. I have back ups ready for whenever I run out. Concealer saves us from those tired days where we just need a bit of light to our faces.

Is it even a makeup bag if there isn’t a highlighter in there? What did we do before highlighters were a thing? I honestly can’t imagine my face without it now. I’m a highlighter girl, honestly I’m obsessed. I’d buy every single one of them if I could. It’s the one thing that works for me, makes my face look healthy and glowy.. and that’s what we all want isn’t it? In my makeup bag you will find a few (I can’t seem to whittle it down to just the one).

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