Why it’s okay to take a break

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I think now more than ever is the perfect time to take a break.. if you can.

This current situation has put a lot of things into perspective for me, which I’m sure it has for a lot of people. Because we are self isolating and social distancing, we are forced to be alone a lot more. We are forced to slow down our lives.

Like many people all around the world I will be spending quite a lot of time in my house (which is kind of daunting, but completely necessary for my own safety and that of others). Anyway, as of a few days ago, I’ve been at home and having as little contact with people as possible.

Just in these few days I’ve had a bit of a reality check. I’ve realised that when I say I’m going to have a break, I’m not actually having a break. Confusing? Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

Because for the majority, our lives are so full and fast paced we don’t actually take a well earned rest. And by rest I don’t mean a long nap in the middle of the afternoon (although naps are really good). I mean a full blown rest. A few days if not longer to stay home, catch up on sleep, spend time with loved ones, sit in the back garden, read, meditate, drink water, eat lots of healthy food, eat some not so healthy food, play with your pets, spring clean, sing, dance, spend as little time as possible on our phones, plenty of self care.. that sort of thing.

What I find is that I’ll say ‘I’m having a break’ but I’ll end up doing some work, or going out for food or going to the gym, something that I can do at any other time but end up doing when I’m supposed to be having a break.

I’m not saying stay confined to your home (but for now you should). I’m saying break your routine for a few days or a day if that’s all you can spare. Break out of that same day in day out routine. Do something that makes you happy, focus on yourself and your mental and physical health. Have a moment to yourself.

If you enjoy walking, go for a hike somewhere you’ve not been before. If you enjoy baking, spend the weekend baking and then treat yourself to a slice of chocolate cake you’ve made all by yourself.

Don’t worry what’s happening outside those doors, don’t worry how everyone else in the world is spending their weekend. Just focus on you for a few days, believe me, we need it. We need a break every now and then to be more productive and to improve our quality of life.

On a side note, I hope everyone is staying safe, looking after themselves and most importantly using this time to be grateful!

Lois x

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