Real Techniques complexion sponge

It’s one thing buying all the good quality (kinda expensive) makeup, but getting it to stay on your face for the full day is another thing..

One way I get my makeup to last is by using brushes/sponges I know will never fail me. The Real Techniques sponge being the only one I trust completely.

I’ve used the complexion sponge for years now, so long I can’t actually remember. I once tried a beauty blender which I bought from Sephora on a holiday to New York. It lasted maybe a few weeks, if that.. I’m not sure if it was just a faulty batch, but I’ve never used one since.

The quality of a complexion sponge is amazing, not to mention they are so affordable. I could use one sponge for months (washing it daily) and apart from the odd foundation stain, which is normal, they never look any different.

My current sponge I’ve been using for around 3 months. I’m not sure if you should only use your sponge for a specific amount of time, but unless mine starts falling to pieces, I will carry on using it. When I say ‘falling to pieces’, I mean small chunks start to fall off, due to me using and washing it daily. They don’t disintegrate, don’t worry.

I’ve got back ups on top of back ups, just in case I ever miss place it. I honestly don’t know how I would do my makeup without it. I did a post on Real Techniques brushes Why Real Techniques brushes are the ones for you.. so you’ll see how much I love this brand!

When I first started experimenting with makeup, sponges weren’t a thing. You either had to use a foundation brush, or even better.. your hands. Not that there is anything wrong with either, I just find a sponge SO much easier. So when the complexion sponge was released, the beauty world went mad for it. So being one of those girls who religiously watched makeup videos, of course I had to try one.. and I’ve used one ever since.

They’ve been around for a long time, they’re nothing new, I just thought they deserved a post. But now there are so many different types for all different things and ways to do your makeup; Body sponges, Miracle powder sponge, Mini under eye sponges, Diamond sponge, Miracle remedy sponges, Multi packs and now of course they do cases to put them in, to make travelling with them so much easier.

And another little thing, this brand is Cruelty free!

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