How to have the perfect pamper day

Getting that time to yourself where the only thing you have to worry about is what chocolates you want to eat doesn’t come around that often. We’re all so busy that when we do have the time to relax, we usually just sit on the sofa and binge watch a series, rather than taking the time to properly pamper and re-energize ourselves.

A Sunday works the best for me, just because this is the end of the week and a good way of preparing myself for the week ahead. When I get the chance, usually once a month.. I like to have a full day of pampering myself and this entails lots of things! So if you’re fancying yourself a little pamper day then this post will come in very handy;

Pick up your favourite wine;
Having a glass of wine while your relaxing is a perfect end to a busy week. Or if wine isn’t for you, a nice cup of tea or coffee will do the trick. Treat yourself to that wine you love, because you deserve it!

Stock up on your favourite snacks;
What better opportunity to indulge on some snacks than on a ‘me day’.. I don’t mean go crazy and by the whole shop but allow yourself a little cheat day and eat some of your favourite sweets and chocolates, or savoury snacks if you prefer.

Cook your favourite meal or order a takeaway;
I find nothing more satisfying than cooking a meal I love, especially one I don’t have the time to cook on a week day. Take the time to make your meal at your own leisure. Or you could order a takeaway (if I’m ordering, I usually have a chinese). It’s the perfect chance to order some delicious food, so you have more time to binge watch that Netflix series everyone has been raving about.

Have a long soak in the bath;
This one goes without saying.. It’s like having a mini spa day, but in the comfort of your own home. Get out that bath bomb you’ve been saving, or pour in way too many bubbles and lay there until your hands go wrinkly. Put on some music and have a little sing song. We’re always in a rush, so it’s usually just a quick shower first thing in the morning. So there’s nothing better than getting the opportunity to lay in the bath without having to worry about being late for work.

Light candles;
Light scented candles around your house, this creates a relaxing atmosphere throughout the house (not to mention the beautiful smell). Also light a few candles in the bathroom while you enjoy a long soak in the tub.

Beauty treatments;
Paint your nails, put on a face mask, do your eyebrows, put on a fresh layer of fake tan… you know the rest. Do them all ready for a new week of goals and exciting things.

Do some meditation;
This isn’t for everyone, but this is the perfect chance to do some undisturbed meditation. Because let’s be honest, 5 or 10 minutes of meditation a day is the best kind of relaxation there is and that is something we all need every now and then.

Find a film or series to watch;
Once you’ve been in the bath, washed your hair, moisturised with an inch of your life and walked out of the bathroom smelling like a lush bath bomb, there’s nothing more appealing than sitting down on the sofa while you wait for your food to arrive. Watch that film you keep meaning to watch but never get the chance to or start a new series that’s been recommended by all of your friends.

Get out your cosy pyjamas and fluffy socks;
When you get out of the bath, putting on cosy pyjamas and fluffy socks all ready to curl up on the sofa is kind of a rule… Especially in this weather! If you’re not a fluffy pyjamas type of person, wrap yourself in a blanket and get snuggled ready to relax for the rest of the evening.

Less technology the better;
This is just one of those things that either you’ll love or you won’t. For me, putting my phone on silent (or putting it out of reach) is the best way of winding down for the evening. We’re so obsessed with technology these days that even when we’re relaxing watching a film, our phone is still by our sides waiting for us to check it every half an hour. Phones are amazing little gadgets but sometimes we just need a break from them, so spending the day working on ourselves and not checking our phones as much is the easiest way of doing just that.

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