Get out more – Get walking

I feel like it goes without saying that walking (or exercise in general) is so good for you. But for the most part we seem to forget we can do some easy exercise without having to pay for a gym membership..

I’ve made it one of my goals for 2020, to exercise more. I don’t just mean going to the gym, I mean walking.. lots lots more. Getting outside daily and enjoying the nature our beautiful world has to offer. I used to be a regular walker, mainly on the weekend (I had more time then), but over the past few months or so I haven’t really done much.

You know how it is, life gets busy, Christmas shopping became the priority and the weather became very temperamental.. so actually going out on a nice long walk didn’t really happen.


We should all walk more, whether that be; a quick 10 minute walk up to the shop, a walk to a relatives house who lives 30 minutes or so away (good for the planet too, by not using our cars so much), or a 5 hour hike up the pennines, to get to the top and say “ah this is pretty”, take a few photos of the view and then start the descend back down again.. you know the ones I mean, the walks where you feel a massive sense of achievement and develop a few achy muscles in the process. Either one, walking is good for you!

Walking in itself is obviously amazing for your physical health, half an hour a day at least is what is recommended, not to mention the benefits it has on our mental health. I’ve been one of those, oh I’ll just stay in the house today type of people and after so long it started to affect me. I mean staying in is all good if you’re working from home that day, or the weather is so bad it’s not even worth going outside. But just that half an hour a day, outside in the fresh air does us all the world of good.


You could do it solo, take your dog (who I’m sure will enjoy it just as much as you, if not more), take a friend or family member or even better find a walking buddy. If I’m going for a walk, I like to do it first thing. Not always, especially if I’m going to the shop because we can’t plan ahead when we’re going to run out of milk. But if I’m planning to go on a walk, it’s usually in the morning.. when it’s not so busy.

If you’re going alone, stick a pair of head phones in.. listen to some motivating music (which usually makes you walk faster) or listen to that book you keep meaning to listen to on audible or you could use this time to practice mindfulness, if you’re a fan of that, walking is the perfect time to do it.. take in all your surroundings and feel gratitude for the trees and nature we are surrounded by.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you’re wanting to make a difference to your life whether it be physically or mentally, start off by going for walks daily. Before you commit to a gym membership, try walking.. it’s so much more pleasant and doesn’t cost you a penny.


Lois x

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