The plant based cook book we all need this Veganuary

Veganuary is officially a thing, something which I believe is new to 2020. I’ve seen it all over social media and in supermarkets, they have sections specifically filled with all the Vegan food to support people trying Veganuary. I’ve also seen lots of adverts on which recipe books are the best, so I figured I would recommend one of my favourites..

I’ve mentioned BOSH before in a past post which gave the details of one of my favourite recipes ‘Creamy Carbonara’. This is one recipe I will always recommend to anyone wanting to try a plant based meal. I make this so often for my family and they all prefer it over a normal carbonara. All the ingredients are so easy to get your hands on and it is such a quick and easy but extremely tasty meal to make in the comfort of your own home.

This recipe book is one of the best and the guys who wrote it have now brought out a couple more (which I will be buying). Although it doesn’t directly mention vegan in the title, inside the book it explains how they have created the classic recipes we all love, without the use of meat, eggs or dairy.

I’ve done many reviews on the best books I’ve read so why not do one on a cook book?

In this book it has lots of different sections ranging from quick eats, big eats, showpieces, greens & bosh bowls, small plates and sharers, cocktails, desserts and also breakfasts.. (everything you could ever want am I right?). It makes it so much more fun when you’re wanting to experiment with plant based food. There are so many easy things you can make, lots of them which I had never thought of before.

This is the one cook book that stays in my kitchen, right at the front of my cupboard, ready for me to whip up a quick meal, or a healthy smoothie.. which ever I prefer.

I’ll include a link below to the book on Amazon; I researched a few other places where it is available to buy..

BOSH!: Simple recipes. Unbelievable results. All plants. The highest-selling vegan cookery book ever

Get the BOSH cookbook:

UK: Amazon, Waterstones

USA: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book people

Canada: Amazon, Indigo

Australia: Booktopia, Angus & Robertson

South Africa: Loot


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