Manchester Christmas market

I absolutely love a Christmas market. I’m definitely one of those people that go to as many as I can as soon as they start opening. I’ve been to a few this year, but Manchester was a new one for me.

I have heard so many people rave about this market for years now but never got the chance to go there myself. So this year I made sure I had a day free to go and see what all the fuss was about. I’ve been to Manchester many times before, I go there quite often but only for cocktails and shopping. Even though I’ve been there quite a lot I wouldn’t say I know my way around that well. Mostly I get around in a taxi or by car so as far as directions on foot.. I’m not that good.


So as you can imagine when I got to the Christmas markets it took a little bit of time to work out where everything was. (I asked a nice lady and she pointed me in the right direction). All around the markets there are marshals, so if you ever need any help on where best to go, you can always ask one of them.. they are always happy to help.

Once I got to the markets, they didn’t disappoint. There were SO MANY all dotted around. Selling so many different things; food, ornaments, candles, mugs, sweets and chocolates etc. Obviously the food stalls were the ones that drew me in the most (I’m a massive foody). So after looking around the food stalls I decided on a hot dog with caramelized onions on.. yummy. Any excuse to indulge and eat as much Christmas food as possible, it’s the whole point of a Christmas market isn’t it?


Also there were lots of bars in the markets all filled with people enjoying the mulled wine in their personalized mugs, chatting and just enjoying the festive period. The main part of the markets was in Albert square. This is where the famous Santa used to be, sitting on top of a tall building overlooking the markets. But I found out that they have actually taken him down and put up a different 40 ft Santa in Piccadilly gardens. I made sure I stopped here on my way back to take a picture, because lets face it.. you haven’t been to Manchester Christmas markets if you haven’t taken a picture of Santa.


I will say it was a very tiring day, an early start, lots of travelling and then a huge amount of walking. I did make sure I went into the Arndale centre though.. I love this shopping centre. It’s a huge place filled with all the shops you will need to do your Christmas shopping and of course lots of places to eat.


So it turned out to be a very good day, the perfect way of getting into the Christmas spirit. Lots of shopping, cafe stops to sit and rest our feet and enjoy a hot chocolate and lots of delicious food. I will definitely be coming back again next year..

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